TCOY = Take Care of You!

2014 July bridge JOURNEY bwMy life’s personal journey and career experiences as a former professional athlete and coach (30+ years) have taught me a lot about the human body, commitment, choices and discipline.  LIVING WELL

Finding your purpose in life and living it out daily is a great source of fulfillment.  For me, I know mine, Coach and Life Enthusiast.  Decades of experience and being true to my belief’s, values and lifestyle have given me great personal satisfaction.  Being able to empower others gives me great joy as I witness lives being transformed through intentional living.  My book Putting It All Together provides my stories on living well.

Coaches, teachers, and mentors provide insight and guidance through knowledge and expertise.  With decades of experience of living the TCOY (take care of you) lifestyle, my clients are empowered and endorse my coaching due to the outcome based results.  Inspiring Well-Being

My TCOY philosophy is to focus on total well-being:  Mind, Heart, and Body.  Simple disciplines or errors in judgment over time will reveal themselves in life.   Where you spend you time, energy, and money reveals your priorities.  As a coach, we work together and I challenge you to take inventory and make the changes as needed.  The bond between a coach and client is one of respect and commitment.

Are you taking care of everyone but you? A valuable lesson people need to be reminded of is:  “take care of you”; thus “TCOY”.  We can be of little help to ourselves or others if our personal health fails.

Someday is another word for procrastination.  In regards to your well-being, the sooner you begin to take care of your body, the better off you will be.  When you create a mindset for wellness, your lifestyle changes and your Quality of Life improves. Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.

  • If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live? 
  • Are you overwhelmed by demands on your time, choices to make and simply do nothing. WARNING:  choosing to do nothing is a choice too. Avoidance is not a solution and it can cost you your life!

Focus on what you want in your life and take action to receive it. Change is hard.  Seek wisdom and support from one who has achieved what you desire. I’m not saying it will be easy but it will be worth it!  Neither wellness nor sickness occur over night, they are a result of choices over time.  

ACTION REQUIRED – Your health is my business!  Together we can create a better YOU from this day forward.

Some excuses that can cost you your life:

*I just can’t change.
*I feel pretty good right now.
*I don’t have the time or energy.
*I am not sick, so I’m healthy.  Right?
*I can’t afford it, my budgets too tight.
*I have more important things to think about and do.
*I get confused and overwhelmed about where to begin.

I welcome the opportunity to provide guidance for sustainable wellness and more joy in life.  

TCOY = Take Care of You!

Coach Lucy

Life Enthusiast & Coach


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You Don’t Have To Be Sick To Get Better!

Happy Earth Day!

When was the last time you slowed down and spent at least a few hours enjoying MOTHER NATURE’s BEAUTY?

Don’t get so busy you miss the free show that is happening 24/7 all around you!

Enjoy this breathtaking video!!

Go outside and experience God’s gift:  NATURE!

Seek and you will find…

A pansy



You don’t need to go buy a membership, expensive technology or toys…kids want TIME with YOU.  Keep it simple and have some good ol’ fun.  Less Tech More Connect.   *Remember, you are creating their vision of what FAMILY TIME is all about.  Break out the board games, cards, puzzles and balls to have some fun times and create lasting memories!  Coach Lucy approved. :)

Burning The Candle At Both Ends? Enjoy The Power Of Rest.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Are you guilty of pushing through your days without adequate rest?

Most of us know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, but too few of us actually make those eight or so hours a priority. For many, a life with sleep debt is the norm. They have forgotten what “being really, truly rested” feels like.

To further complicate matters, stimulants like coffee and energy drinks, alarm clocks, and external lights—including those from electronic devices (smart phones, etc.) interfere with our natural sleep/wake cycle.

There are many causes of sleep deprivation and the impact, if not addressed, will have a high cost mentally, physically and financially.

Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Sleep deprivation is a key factor in accidents, as well as declining physical and mental health. In addition, lack of rest increases irritability and burnout in work and personal relationships.  Demands for our time, attention and energy come from all directions. Failing to set boundaries can be disastrous.

If we take on more and fail to eliminate something, there is less of us to give. The result can include compromised health, resentment, sub-standard work performance, memory and cognitive impairment, and strained relationships.

The internet and technology has dramatically changed our habits. Within just a couple of decades, cell phones have transformed communication; we are available 24/7 and many can’t imagine being without their phone or computer.

Texting is an excellent example of how we have become addicted to technology with most keeping their phones near them when they sleep. A recent study by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’s annual Internet Trends report indicated people check their phones 150 times a day.

The market for ‘energy products’ is ever growing but these are a Band-Aid at best and can cause serious health issues. I personally know a good friend who was taken to the ER for a heart issue that was contributed to drinking an “energy drink.” Fortunately, the lesson was learned and he will not make that mistake again.

Assess Your Individual Needs
Learning to be more self-disciplined in regards to rest and diet choices is a far better choice for increasing energy levels. We create our comfort zones and lifestyles. For some, this will require a change in habits. It’s important to pay attention to your own individual needs by assessing how you feel on different amounts of sleep.

• Are you productive, healthy and happy on seven hours of sleep? Or do you require more to feel rested?
• Do you have health issues such as being overweight? Are you at risk for any disease?
• Are you experiencing sleep issues?
• Do you depend on caffeine to get you through the day?
• Are you drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily?

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health for Wealth
Being busy often has a status of importance connected to it, as well as the draw to make more money. The sad truth is many are sacrificing their health to acquire more wealth and then will later spend their wealth in an effort to retrieve their health.

Work from your REST and REST from your work.
Where your time and money goes indicates your priorities. Are you making time for exercise, family or friends or do you find your frequent reply is, “I am so busy, I don’t have any time.”

Eight Tips to Pave the Way for Better Sleep:
• Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual.
• Stick to a sleep schedule, even on weekends.
• Get moving – walk or do some type of exercise every day.
• Evaluate your bedroom to ensure ideal temperature, sound and light.
• Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows.
• Best sleeping positions are on your back or side with pillow between knees for proper spine alignment.
• Beware of hidden sleep stealers such as alcohol and caffeine.
• Turn off electronics 30-60 minutes prior to bed.

My TCOY (Take Care of You) mantra is something to embrace as a daily reminder in living well: If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

Get Lost In SIMPLE

2 year old understands life

How easy it is to get caught up in a PERFORMANCE based mindset.  Our society recognizes and rewards performance, whether it be in athletics, scholarships or work/career.

It’s sad that with all the striving for “success”, if priorities are misaligned, the consequences can result in:  relationship and family issues, increased divorce rates, health declines (increased anxiety and depression and a decrease in contentment and joy).

TCOY (Take Care of You) is a way of life.  Living well is more than diet and exercise; it involves the mind, heart, spirit and body.  Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to have a life.  Love on people and be good to yourself.  *If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

  • Take time every day to breathe and just “BE”.
  • Take time every day to laugh.  A day without laughter is a wasted day.
  • Take time every day to give thanks for what you HAVE (rather than complain about what you don’t).

Below is a blog post that I found refreshing and a good reminder that “I am enough”.

Coach Lucy

Getting Lost in Just Doing

By Leo Babauta

Sometimes we get discouraged about ourselves: we think, “I’m not doing a good job, I’m not disciplined, I’m not good enough, I suck.” Or something like that.

What can we do? Give ourselves a pep talk? (Sure!) Find something to appreciate about ourselves that’s awesome? (Yes!)

Another approach, highly recommended, is to just forget about it.

When we’re discouraged about ourselves, we’re doing a lot of hand-wringing about why we’re not good enough, not amazing enough, not successful enough, not special enough. But what’s so important about being special? Why are we so preoccupied with that? It’s a waste of brain cycles.

Instead, just pick something to work on. Write something, draw something, program something, animate something, sew something. It doesn’t matter. Anything that your heart is drawn to.

Set an intention for this activity: I’m doing this out of compassion for others, out of love for myself, to meet my commitment to so and so.

Now get started: begin actually doing it. Don’t worry about whether you’ll do it for 10 minutes or an hour. Don’t worry about how good you’ll be at it, or what people will think of it, or whether you’ll succeed or not. Those are not relevant to the task.

Just do. Put your mind completely in the activity, in the motion and ideas and emotions, in your body and breath and surroundings. Be completely mindful, completely immersed.

And this child inside yourself, worried about being special? He or she disappears. Gets lost, as you become immersed in the doing.

Try it now. Pick something, set an intention, and start doing. And lose yourself in the doing.

What Are You Doing There?

Always get back up!  Never let your current situation determine your destiny…you were designed for great things.  Plant. Cultivate. Harvest.  Trust me, been there, done that and the HARVEST is an AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

Go after what you REALLY WANT!   Coach Lucy

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What Are You Doing There?

Joel Osteen

I read a story about a young man who had a dream to play professional football. In high school, he was a star player and won all kinds of awards. He came from a very small town where everybody knew him. All the children looked up to him and wanted to be like him. He was a local hero. But most of the coaches thought he was too small to play in college. He was turned down by all the major universities. He ended up going to a junior college and working at a pizza restaurant. He didn’t even play football.

One night he was out delivering a pizza. A ten-year-old boy answered the door. When this boy saw the young man, his eyes got so big. The boy was star struck. He couldn’t believe the player he had watched so many times thrill the crowd, so quick, so fast, was standing right in front of him. About that time, the boy’s father walked up, and the young man gave the father the pizza. The little boy was very confused. He looked up at his father. He looked at the young man and said very innocently, “What are you doing delivering pizzas?”

Those words from a ten-year-old boy lit a new fire on the inside. When he got off of work, he went to the gym and started training. That summer he trained harder than he had ever trained before. He gained 70 pounds and got bigger, stronger, quicker and faster. In the fall, he tried out at a major university where he had always wanted to play. Not only did he make the team, but he became their star player. Two years ago, he was drafted in the first round to play professional football. Today, he is a star in the NFL, living out his dream. But here’s what he said, “It would have never happened if that ten-year-old boy wouldn’t have asked me, ‘What are you doing selling pizzas?'”

My question today, “Have you settled somewhere way beneath what you know God has put in you?” Have you given up on a dream or let go of a promise because it didn’t happen the first time? Maybe you had a setback. Maybe somebody told you, “No, you’re not talented enough. You’re not big enough.” I ask you respectfully, “What are you doing there?”

You have so much in you. You are full of talent, ideas, creativity and great potential. When God breathed His life into you, He put a part of Himself in you. You have the DNA of Almighty God. You were never created to be average, to barely get by, to always struggle, or to just take the leftovers. You were created to excel! You are equipped, empowered, fully loaded, lacking nothing. Don’t you dare settle for second best! Don’t get stuck in a rut thinking that you’ve reached your limits. Draw the line in the sand and say, “Today is a new day. It may not have happened the first time, the fifth time or the thirtieth time, but I’m not going to settle! I’m going to start stretching my faith to become everything God has created me to be.”


“Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise…”  

Micah 7:8

Your BIG Brother

Only the WORD of God can do this

Your Big Brother

Post by Victoria Osteen on February 3, 2015

There’s something wonderful about having a good, big brother. A good, big brother is one who shields you when the bullies come out. He’s the one who’s got your back and takes up for you. He shows you the ropes in life, so to speak, and helps you get ahead of where you would be on your own.

I have a wonderful big brother and growing up, when he would succeed at something, it would give me confidence. I’d think, if he can do it, I can do it! Even more, we all have a big brother in Jesus! If you feel down and discouraged, read about your big brother, Jesus. Read about how He overcame. You have the same DNA Jesus does. You may think you’ve come from the wrong family, but if you are born again, you are recreated and have the same DNA as heaven. You can overcome because He overcame!

If Jesus is our brother, we have to know that He is going to shield us. He is going to look out for us. He’s going to protect us and show us the ropes. There are a lot of bullies out there, but you need to know that you are not walking the path alone. You need to tell those circumstances, “I may look small, but I’ve got a big brother!” You need to tell the enemy, “If you mess with me, you mess with my big bother!”

The key is: don’t get too far away from your big brother. Stay close to Him. Don’t walk too far ahead or get distracted by the things of this world and fall behind. Keep your eyes on Him. Stay close to Him. Learn from Him. Let the world know you have a big brother. And if you fall and get hurt, remember that your big brother is strong enough to carry you.

Today, know that you are covered and you are loved. Stay under the shadow of your big brother and let Him fight your battles for you!

For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.” (Matthew 12:50, NKJV)

Beyond the Illusion

the road less traveled

The Girl Who Saw Through the Illusions

By Leo Babauta

The girl was at work when one of her coworkers said something demeaning about her work, and she immediately got upset, felt defensive, and thought all day about how the coworker was wrong and how she could prove it to him.

At home, her boyfriend left his dirty dishes in the sink and the trash was overflowing and she felt irritated by his lack of consideration. She thought about how wrong he was, and why couldn’t he just do these little things to be more considerate?

As she was stewing in her anger over these two people who had wronged her … she wondered what was going on. Why did she have to be so frustrated, angry, irritated, by these little comments and actions?

The next day, she went to work, and noticed other people also frustrated and stressed out and angry at different times in the day. She saw it in the faces of strangers on the street, then in the complaints of her friends when they went out for a bite to eat after work.

What was going on?

Then she began to see something strange.

What she saw was this: each person had a treasure they were protecting. A beautiful gem that no one else could see, but that they felt was really valuable and that needed guarding. An Inner Gem.

When one person would interact with the other, even if the actions or conversations had nothing to do with the Inner Gem … each person would worry that the other was trying to attack their Inner Gem. Everything became about guarding the gem, protecting it from attack, making sure it was safe.

The girl realized that the gems didn’t really exist. She realized that we just imagine them to be real, and don’t realize we’re doing it.

She realized that it’s all an illusion.

And it’s making us unhappy.

So that day, she stopped trying to protect an imaginary gem. She stopped trying to be right, to be seen as good and competent and smart and perfect, to see herself as a good person at all times. She stopped thinking that other people’s words and actions had anything to do with what she imagined herself to be. She stopped trying to protect her position and self-image.

And, gently letting go of these illusions, she became happier. She would smile when someone else would start protecting their imaginary gem, and realize that their frustration or rudeness had nothing to do with her, but everything to do with the gem they were protecting. She would go about her day, enjoying herself, and trying to make the world a better place.



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