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2019 January             Reflection (in the process)

2019 February          What Motivates You

2019 July                    One Thing Guaranteed In Life…

2019 August               Reflection Time – Lion King


2018 November       *The 10th Annual Tweak The Treat Event*

2018 October             It’s Time

2018 August               Avoidance Isn’t The Answer                   

2018 April                  Lessons Learned from Mentors & Interns

2018 March               Sleep Well.  Live Well.

2018 February          Progress Over Perfection

2018 January            The Power of A Spark


2017 December        *9th Annual Tweak the Treat*

2017 December        Make The Most Of Your Mileage

2017 November        Pause For The Love Of Paws

2017 October            Beyond Certifiable

2017 September       Visual Reality:  Seeing Life Through A New Lens

2017 August              What Makes A Good Life

2017 March               Sleep Matters

2017 February          Stay Calm & Plank On

2017 January             Embracing Anticipation


2016 December       *8th Annual Tweak the Treat Event* 

2016 December        The Road Less Traveled 

2016 November        Hit From Behind, Literally

2016 October             Ride On!

2016 September       Empowering Others

2016 August               Over-Thinkers Anonymous

2016 July                    ALL IN!

2016 June                   Windows & Mirrors

2016 May                    Always The Season For Love

2016 April                   It Began With One Step

2016 March                Shadows Distort Reality

2016 February           Student of Life

2016 January              Self-Sabotage or Self-Fulfilling


2015 December        *7th Annual Tweak the Treat Event*

2015 December         Don’t Get To Comfortable

2015 November         A Bloody Good Story

2015 October              Did You Miss It?

2015 September         Impossible?  Only If You Stop

2015 August:              Jumping Off The Rat Race

2015 July:                   Pets Make Life Better

2015 June:                  Obstacle Illusions  

2015 May:                   Do You Make Your Bed?

2015 April:                  Transition & Trust 

2015 March:               Road Trip

2015 February:           Brace Yourself

2015 January:             Go Ahead And Ask


2014 December:        *6th Annual Tweak the Treat Event*

2014 December:         WOW!  What A Ride

2014 November:         Capture That Energy

2014 October:             Processing…The Warrior Mindset

2014  September:       Over Grown – Cutting Back   

2014 August:              The Adventure of Life

2014 July:                   Aging With Grace and Vitality

2014 June:                  Now That’s A First

2014 May:                   Revisiting the Dark Room

2014 April:                  Maintenance Required

2014   March:             Can You Come Out & Play

2014  February:         And The Winner Is …

2014  January:           Snow Storm Havoc


2013 December:        *5th Annual Tweak the Treat Event*

2013 December:         Quality Time

2013 November:        The Dash ~ Honoring JohnBoy

2013 October:             Dreams Do Come True…Perseverance Required

2013 September:        Enduring Life’s Storms

2013 August:               One Dizzy Brunette!

2013 July:                    What’s Your Story?

2013 June:                   Next Generation

2013 May:                    The Dash (-)

2013  April:                   Oh No…Guilty!

2013  March:                The Inspiration Behind “Team Kupish”

2013  February:           Put Yourself In a TIME OUT

2013  January:             Are You Guilty of “Goal Vaulting” In Life?


2012 December:         *4th Annual Tweak the Treat Event*    

2012  December:        Rusting Away?

2012  November:       Brotherly Love ~ A Life Changer

2012  October:            I Believed Into Reality

2012  September:       Empty Nest

2012  August:             Transmission Troubles

2012   July:                 Perspective:  Life at 50

2012   June:               Graduation for Two!

2012    May:                My 1st Flat Tire

2012    April:               I Can Dig It!

2012    March:           The Off Hand Challenge

2012    February:       Act Your Age…No Way!

2012    January:         What if…


2011    December:      *3rd Annual Tweak the Treat Event*

2011     December:     The Best Gift I Ever Got…

2011     November:     “Oh Perfect”

2011     October:         Who Moved My Cheese?

2011      Sept.:            How Can I Reach You?

2011     August:          On to Rehab…   

2011     July:               Powerwashing

2011     June:             HOPE…it’s more than a word

2011      May:            Oh Crap!

2011      April:            Planes, Trains and Automobiles

2011      March:         Beyond the Fog

2011      February:    Cats in the Cradle

2011      January:      Wisdom Extracted


2010  December:       *2nd Annual Tweak the Treat Event*

2nd Video (poor quality but troops receiving care packages 3:22)

2010      December:   Being Prepared

2010      November:  Tweak the Treat 2

2010      October:      Assuming

2010      Sept.           In A Blink

2010      August:       Circle of Trust

2010      July:           Technical Difficulties

2010      June:         Mother Nature Released

2010      May:          Driver’s Ed ReCall

2010     April:           Insanity…Can You Relate

2010     March         What Are You Seeing

2010     February:    Laughter

2010     January:     S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g


2009     December:    *1st Annual Tweak the Treat” Event*

Full Version Video – Tweak the Treat

2009     December:     Power of Three

2009     November:     Tweaking

2009     October:        Self-Doubt

2009     September:   Immediate Gratification

2009     August:         Vacations

2009     July:              Perceptions

2009     June:            Networking

2009     May:             What Do You Value?

2009     April:            Thoughts

2009     March:         Luck or Preparation

2009     February:     Focus

2009     January:      Change


2008     December:    Contentment

2008     November:    Time

2008     October:        Remodeling

2008     September:   Lost Dog

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