TCOY Events

The TCOY (Take Care of You) philosophy and lifestyle is a total well-being experience.  To achieve the highest levels of joy and enlightenment in life, we must realize we need to take care of the mind, heart and body.

It was put on my heart to start two annual community events in an effort to share my philosophy and impact lives by simply taking action.

Matthew West song “Do Something”  is a great call-to-action and reminder “if not me, who…if not now, when”.

*TWEAK THE TREAT* is a post-Halloween family event.

  • Family’s bring in the excessive candy from Halloween “trick or treating”.
  • In exchange, activity passes, healthy snacks, gifts and fresh fruit is provided. 
  • The participants (kids and adults) take the time to write a special note of thanks to our troops or words of encouragement. 
  • The treats and note cards are boxed up then shipped overseas to numerous locations for our military. 
  • These great care-packages arrive during the holiday season.  Priceless! 
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The children donating their PRIZE POSSESSION (candy) — from their HEART; thinking with their MIND about their choices; and are giving activity passes / gifts to get their BODY moving.

The TCOY principles are put into action…one never forgets an experience!

Check out the YouTube videos of Tweak the Treat:

  2009,   2010,   2011,  2012 ,  2013,   2014

2012 Tweak the Treat 050

*TCOY Free Hug Day*

FACT:  We all want and desire to be noticed, respected and loved.  We live in a world that has more ways to connect than any other time in history; yet, loneliness, depression and anxiety are at epidemic levels.

I’m known as a HUGGER; therefore, I ask a few friends each year to join me and we take to the streets of Kansas City for the TCOY Free Hug Day.   High-fives, knuckle bumps, smiles or waves are also given away.

By taking the time to CONNECT and SEE ONE ANOTHER, joy feels the hearts of all who participate.  ~ My TCOY Wellness Facebook page ~

YouTube videos of TCOY Free Hug Day:

   2010,    2011,   2012,   2013,   2014

hug day 2014 with little girl

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