Need a speaker who can captivate and empower? How about a high energy and passionate former Professional Athlete who is a walking billboard for LIVING WELL?

Lucy delivers a powerful personal message on how to persevere and conquer fear and challenges.  Experience is a great teacher and Lucy is a gifted teacher as she shares and mentors from a life full of experiences on how to live well.

Stress is not the issue, how you handle the stress is.  Learn from life struggles and experiences.  Lucy trains on how to develop and sustain “The TCOY Champion Mindset” to be healthy and stay healthy.

A life changing take-away!  Lucy’s presentations are always educational and interactive.  Everyone leaves attendees with an “I can do that” outlook and empowered to make changes…for the health of it!

TCOY Wellness addresses the basic principle for living a quality life and provides guidance for total well-being which includes: physical, mental (emotional / spiritual) and psychological (mind, heart and body).

Available for a variety of speaking engagement opportunities as well as a facilitator for weekly TCOY Wellness Experience coaching program.

“If you don’t take care of your body, where will you life?:  Coach Lucy


“The  TCOY Warrior  desires good health and prepares for the battles, challenges and changes life throws at you.  It is better to be prepared and not have a challenge present itself, than it is to have a challenge present itself and not be prepared. ”   Coach Lucy

2014 July bridge JOURNEY bw

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