Racquetball Coaching

  Coach Lucy

Time flies when you’re having fun and playing racquetball is FUN.

Lessons and clinics with Lucy brings 30+ Years Experience and the FUN factor.  You will find yourself playing because you want to not because you have to.  Lucy’s personal training “COURTING WELLNESS” incorporates racquetball as your fitness workout. Whether you are a beginner looking for a new workout or an athlete looking to cross train or enhance your game, a TCOY Warrior mentality arises from within you.

Lucy is as passionate about coaching as playing.  There is such joy in watching others improve their game and well-being. Racquetball provides a multitude of benefits: physical, emotional and social. Did you know you can burn 700+ calories per hour playing this fun sport? Did you know you use EVERY major muscle group while playing racquetball?  Plus, it’s as social or competitive as you choose to make it.

Are you looking for a coach and mentor who knows how to motivate and encourage?  Lucy has clients ranging from ages 5 – 83 and includes the  Stanford University team for five years.  She played on the Professional Women’s Tour 1980’s and was ranked in the Top 16 in the world.  She retired from competition due to a foot surgery in 1991.  However, the competitor never stops.  In 1999, Lucy re-entered the tournament scene and won the Kansas State Women’s Open Singles title,  which she has held it every since. Lucy’s love for the sport is a great today as it was in 1980.

As life-time Ambassador and Racquetball Addict, she continues to compete at the top level of play, competing in the Men in the Open Doubles and 35+ Doubles are  while in her fifties.  In 2013, to honor her ailing brother who supported her efforts to launch her professional athlete career, she returned and competed in a women’s Pro Tournament.  Although she was the oldest player, she made it obvious she still had “game”. Making it into the Round of 16 of the Pro draw; Semi-Finalist in the Women’s Open and Winner of the Mixed Open Doubles.

Recognized for decades as a  sponsored Professional with E-Force and Team Mannatech, Lucy was also awarded the “Jerry Quenette Spirit Giving Award” in 2009.
2014 April GROUP shot


From beginner to advanced skill levels – all ages!

Contact Lucy directly for scheduling and rates.

Available in KC Metro & outside the area, per request for clinics!

Coach Lucy 

913) 709-6059


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