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Holiday Mindset Tips


Excuses Be Gone

 7 Common Holiday Excuses to leave behind.

Tired of starting over, don’t quit. Exercise will also help you beat holiday stress and keep energy levels up!

Do you live in the KC Metro? My gift to you…I will provide a Guest Pass to the gym.  Be Well and remember to Take Care of You!  Racquetball Anyone? 

1. EXCUSE: It’s too cold. 

Get your heart pumping and you’ll warm up and feel better!

2. EXCUSE: I don’t have the time.

Set priorities and plan ahead.  If you don’t make time for your body today, it WILL get your attention later.

3. EXCUSE: But I need to travel and can’t take the gym with me.

Simply pack and carry Thera-Bands for stretching and weight resistance training.  Take walks, stairs and create the TCOY mindset (easy to do; easy not to do).

4. EXCUSE: I’ll start at the first of the year.

Today is the PERFECT time to start!  Again, it’s a mindset and procrastination is not a good start. 

5. EXCUSE: I can’t get motivated.

The key is having FUN and the instructor can make the world of difference. I love coaching because it allows me to change lives by motivating and empowering others.  Creating Racquetball & Wellness Warriors is my goal.

6. EXCUSE: I have so many holiday parties to attend!

Focus on the relationship building rather than the food. 

7. EXCUSE: I have family in town.

Get out and be active together.  Make some memories while engaging an activity


*It’s not what you do between Thanksgiving and New Years, but what you do between New Years and Thanksgiving.

Sustainable and Simply…keep going and make adjustments when necessary.

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