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2 Ways To Derail Snacking



FAQ (frequently asked questions) I get asked a Wellness Coach often are about snacking and fatigue.  Ironically, my broad view answer is often shrugged off even though it is priceless and cost nothing.  It does require mindfulness and most likely changing one’s thought process which developed into a habit and now part of their lifestyle.  Change isn’t the big problem, the mindset is.

The two things I highly recommend that can immediately impact your health (mental and physical): Drink more water and replace eating with activity.  Embrace these two things and your mind and body WILL respond positively.  Easy to do…easy not to do.  Daily choices matter.

Dehydration impacts you physically and mentally. Common symptoms are fatigue and brain fog. Often the band-aid of caffeine or food are applied.  The short-term fix might seem to work, but in reality, these are short lived and have negative consequences in the long run.

Secondly, get up and move. Your body will benefit mentally, physically and even spiritually as this derails stress. Perhaps you could go for a quick walk when you’re angry about something. Rather than hitting the vending machine for a candy bar or the chips, give H2O and movement a try.

Why it matters

Comforting ourselves with food is very common – who hasn’t eaten something sweet, salty, or fatty during (or after) an emotional situation? For many of us – especially those who were soothed with food when they were younger – the habit can become so ingrained that we reach for snacks before thinking about what else we could do to calm down.

Be prepared. When you are equipped and ready to deal with the snacking urge and fatigue, by having a positive plan in place, you can take action and reap the benefits of TCOY (taking care of you).  *Remember my coaching techniques:  Positioning, Preparation, Action and Follow-thru.


Turn up the music and dance to a song; it’s mentally, physically and spiritually uplifting! Great way to start your day and take breaks throughout it.


You grow old when you stop hoping and seeking out new adventures.

Live life as if each day was your last…one day it will be!   Coach Lucy


Racquetball Enriches Well-Being

Check out my July article in the Kansas City Health and Wellness Magazine – hard copies throughout Johnson County or  for on-line version:


Larry is 81 and we have utilized racquetball personal training on a weekly basis since 2005!  One major key to fitness is having fun and enjoying the workout.  When I asked Larry what advice he would like to share with others, he commented:  Keep Active…you’ll never regret it!


I’m doing WOMEN ONLY CLINICS too!  A five-week series that meet once a week for an hour (most participants are staying longer because the love the workout!).  Whether your a complete beginner or played years ago…this is a FUN way to get exercise and let go of all that built up stress.  Seriously, it’s a blast!

NEW CLINICS FORMING ~ I am offering various times and days.  Contact me directly: or 913-709-6059.

Special Note:  If you would like for me to come to YOUR club and do a clinic or private instruction, all levels, let’s talk.  Thirty plus years of racquetball coaching ~ I love teaching as much as playing!

See you on the courts…

Coach Lucy

Is fructose a poison? Sugar: The Bitter Truth video

Great information!

This is an excellent educational video addressing the fact that we haven’t changed genetically but our environment has.

Sugar and sodium are huge contributors on why our world is putting on the pounds.

The speaker talks about a lot of factors creating the perfect storm for obesity and poor health.

*Make food cheap (President Nixon era)

*HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup (1975) – is cheap (economical evil, it’s in everything!)

*USDA, AMA, HDA – (1970) Calls for dietary fat reduction

Take the time to watch this and share with others. TCOY!!!Image

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