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Risk Rejection – Good things could happen…


The Anointed

Have you ever step out, way out, of your comfort zone knowing the odds of rejection were likely but thought why not…that 1% might prevail?

I hope you have and if you haven’t, I’d encourage you to do so.  Nothing ventured nothing gained and you might be surprised with a non-rejection.

Below are two stories that should definitely inspire you.  FYI – The second one has a follow-up video.

1.  College student asks to come on stage and perform with Billy Joel

2.  Jackie delivers.  High five to this awesome lady who goes the extra mile!

The follow-up video – shows again Jackie is one genuine heart loving person.

How many times over the years have you really wanted something, but never asked for it? A promotion, a date, a marriage proposal even, or something much smaller, it’s only the fear of rejection that stops us.

We stumble and talk ourselves out of doing it because we allow our THOUGHTS of rejection , embarrassment or whatever get in the way.  We’ve all been there and missed opportunities.

My TCOY Challenge for this month is to TAKE A RISK…do something completely outside your comfort zone.  By doing so you will learn to overcome fear and increase your confidence and courage.  Think of how a toddler or children are relentless…they ask and keep asking.   If we aren’t growing, we’re dying…so seize the day.

One of things I recently did is asked the owner of a company if he would be willing to barter services.  It wasn’t something most people would even think to do but I saw it as a great opportunity for both of us.  Guess what…he was all about it!

Feel free to come back and share your experience.  Be Well and remember to TCOY!

Coach Lucy


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