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February 2009 Newsletter

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This month my topic is ‘FOCUS’. Overall, focus is a great quality and brings success toward achieving goals. However, the old saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is a good analogy because we can become blinded and at times if our focus is misaligned.

For example, as a weakness, a child who does poorly in one subject, such as math. It is not in the child’s best interest to solely focus constantly on the sub-par achievements in this subject to the point that it makes the child feel inadequate. It is merely just one subject and that subject may not play a big role in their future. Dwelling on the struggle can have far greater negative impact emotionally and psychologically. I am not saying let them flunk out in a subject, provide assistance and help but don’t stress over this one area to an extreme.

As adults, many people focus on what they DON’T have instead of what they DO have. This could be education, finances, relationships or health. Psychologically, we get what we think about. With over 60,000 thoughts going through our mind every day, what are you thinking about? With all the negativity that is surrounding us today in the news, TV, movies, the drama and hype often consumes and surrounds us with negativity. Therefore, focusing on the negative draws negativity back into our lives.

Time to change things and move on in a positive sense. We all have had to. Change is never easy but it is a fact of life. I remember reading somewhere: if you’re not changing, you’re dying. Isn’t that a profound thought? The more and more I thought about it, I see how true it is.

Anger, resentment, jealousy are things that eat at YOU…not the person you hold these feelings for. So if you focus on them, there is only pain and suffering on YOUR part. Truly an unhealthy focus. Life-Suckers!

Gratefulness, joy, happiness and love are things that enrich your life. By dwelling on these things, you will benefit. Life-Enhancers!

After high school and college, lives change focus. After marriage or having children, lives again will changes focus. It’s important to realize that time flies by and we need to focus, then re-focus and continue to hold on to hope for what we desire in our lives.

What do you desire? Financial freedom? Better Health? Relationships? We are more alike than we are different. The goals above are common and we all share them; yet, we prioritize them differently. BALANCE is key. For what would it be worth to be the richest person in the world without your health or someone to share it with?

My suggestion to you this month, think about what you truly want in your life. Write this in an affirmation, read it and think about it daily. Do this for the next few weeks, seeing it as if you are living it. I believe this will begin to change your mindset as you focus on what you want. Happy Thoughts!

Be Strong * Be Well

Until next month . . . TCOY!


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