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Racquetball provides an excellent opportunity to improve health the TCOY way: head, heart and body.


HEAD – With MINDFULNESS being a buzz word these days, I can assure you this:  YOU WILL BE MINDFUL WHEN PLAYING RACQUETBALL!!  Where else does a ball go flying around at 60-100 mph?  LOL


HEART & BODY – You will get a great cardio workout PLUS, the friendships you develop are true treasures.  I have racquetball friends from the ’80’s and all I have to do is give a phone call to re-ignite a friendship even if we haven’t talked in years!


The sports can be completely recreational...a person entering the court for the first time can have fun and get a workout.  Don’t be intimidate and think you can’t do it…YOU CAN & I BELIEVE YOU’LL WISH YOU HAD TRIED IT SOONER!


My TCOY Challenge…if you would like to attend one of my clinics or an open play session, simply contact me and I will give you the details.  I’ve got the equipment, you simply need to SHOW UP!  That’s for an offer you can’t say no to!  Call me at 913-709-6059 or email at


Why am I so passionate about getting people on the court?  I want to see lives changed…for the better.  Your health is your greatest asset.  Please, don’t wait for a crisis to realize this.


Below is a great article released today about a racquetball friend who received a grant to play in the Nationals.  Congrats Josh!  You are a walking testimonial of my mantra:  I PLAY. I WIN. 



You are a WARRIOR too. 

In life, we have many battles to fight for well-being. Be pro-active!  

TCOY = Take Care of You! 

Coach Lucy




Colorado Springs, CO – USA Racquetball today announced the recipient of the 2014 John LoMonaco Grant.  Josh Paul of Bettendorf, IA has been selected from among a record 29 applicants to receive the all-expense paid trip to compete in the 2014 U.S. National Singles Championships in Fullerton, CA.  As an active-duty police officer, Josh also qualifies to compete in the Heroes Divisions.


Not many players can say that the greatest accomplishment of their racquetball career is helping save a life.  Josh Paul can say he has helped save two!


Josh is a police officer and trained first responder.  In October 2013 at the US OPEN he was on the scene when Rick Schacht suffered a heart attack while competing.  Josh was the first to perform CPR on Rick and along with a team of good semaritans and trained professionals helped save Rick’s life that day beyond all odds.


In a way, Josh has helped save his own life through racquetball.  After beginning work in the sedentary occupation of law enforcement, Josh saw his weight balloon to 240 pounds.  After returning to racquetball, a sport he picked up in college, he now sweats away calories five days a week playing racquetball at three different clubs.  He’s back in shape and has shed 40 pounds.


Josh also makes significant contributions to the sport at the local level.  He promotes leagues, assists in directing two annual tournaments, maintains local and state racquetball websites and volunteers as Treasurer of the Iowa Racquetball Association.  Having contributed so much to racquetball by the young age of 32, the sky is the limit for his future in the sport.


Josh has long dreamt of participating in the USA Racquetball National Singles Championships.  Thanks to the John LoMonaco Memorial Grant, he’ll live that dream this year.  Josh will be documenting his experience with images and stories to share with the USA Racquetball family.


October Newsletter

Dreams do come true…Perseverance Required 


Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Your body is an amazing machine and it fights every day for your health.  Wellness requires TRAINING too. 

As your wellness coach, I provide solutions.  We partner together to make changes and enhancing your well-being by addressing head, heart and body. 

If you desire vitality, joy and increased energy, I’m a walking testimonial of my TCOY Wellness Program.  Your health IS my business.  Call me, if not now, when?

Every man dies, but not every man really lives. TAKE CARE OF YOU is a proven guide to a life well lived.

We cannot change life!  We can only change the way we live life. 

*** TCOY ***



Racquetball Enriches Well-Being

Check out my July article in the Kansas City Health and Wellness Magazine – hard copies throughout Johnson County or  for on-line version:


Larry is 81 and we have utilized racquetball personal training on a weekly basis since 2005!  One major key to fitness is having fun and enjoying the workout.  When I asked Larry what advice he would like to share with others, he commented:  Keep Active…you’ll never regret it!


I’m doing WOMEN ONLY CLINICS too!  A five-week series that meet once a week for an hour (most participants are staying longer because the love the workout!).  Whether your a complete beginner or played years ago…this is a FUN way to get exercise and let go of all that built up stress.  Seriously, it’s a blast!

NEW CLINICS FORMING ~ I am offering various times and days.  Contact me directly: or 913-709-6059.

Special Note:  If you would like for me to come to YOUR club and do a clinic or private instruction, all levels, let’s talk.  Thirty plus years of racquetball coaching ~ I love teaching as much as playing!

See you on the courts…

Coach Lucy

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