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Pet Therapy…it begins early!

If you don’t smile while looking at these pictures, take your pulse.  Too doggone CUTE!
Pets are proven to provide MANY HEALTH benefits.  TCOY = Take Care of You      
 World’s Best Baby Sitters!

God Made A Dog

A must see…

Click & Watch:

   God Made A Dog



Feeling sad, lonely…you don’t need medications, you need some DOG TIME!

I’m a believer in exercise and being active with others; however, there are times when all I want is to hang out with my dog.

A dog is LOVE! 

They loves us unconditionally and are always happy to see you return (even if you just left the room and returned, priceless how they acknowledge our presence).

I’m so grateful for my 4-legged blessing who makes my life better.

So many great movies and TV shows based around dogs, from Lassie to My Dog Skip and Homeward Bound.  What’s some of your favorites?

Dog is God spelled backwards…a  mirroring of what LOVE truly is.  TCOY!  Coach Lucy

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