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October Newsletter

Dreams do come true…Perseverance Required 


Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Your body is an amazing machine and it fights every day for your health.  Wellness requires TRAINING too. 

As your wellness coach, I provide solutions.  We partner together to make changes and enhancing your well-being by addressing head, heart and body. 

If you desire vitality, joy and increased energy, I’m a walking testimonial of my TCOY Wellness Program.  Your health IS my business.  Call me, if not now, when?

Every man dies, but not every man really lives. TAKE CARE OF YOU is a proven guide to a life well lived.

We cannot change life!  We can only change the way we live life. 

*** TCOY ***



One Dizzy Brunette

During my monthly stop at the pet store to pick up a bag of dry dog food, I was pleasantly surprised to find the 50 pound bag for the same price as the 35 pound bag. Score a free upgrade!
Rather than walking back to the front of the store to get a shopping cart, I chose to toss the enormous bag on my shoulder.  No problem; or so I thought.
The walk through the store to the checkout, followed by the walk to my car and finally carrying the heavy bag into my house accounted for approximately fifteen minutes of 50 pounds resting on my neck and shoulder area.
After I brought the bag into my house, I noticed I had a bit of a “swag” in my walk.  What’s that about I thought to myself?  An hour later, I was dizzy and unable to focus.  Although I have not had motion sickness or vertigo before, my ability to do anything had come to a stand still; thus, my dizzy brunette story had begun.
Fortunately, it was late so I headed to bed and was able to close my eyes without being overwhelmed with dizziness.  My hope was to wake up refreshed and renewed. 
Wrong!  I awoke on Sunday morning and my head was spinning.  My equilibrium was off making walking a challenge, which also brought on nausea.  I was in no pain and had no issues with my inner ear or sinus, things typically associated with balance. 
Next step, I checked in with the all knowing “Doctor Google”.  I typed in “vertigo” to learn more. Attempting to read anything at this point was a challenge but I ventured on to find Wikipedia’s definition. This did not provide me much comfort and, actually, elevated my anxiety.
Looking back at the turn of events I came to the conclusion my lifting and carrying the 50 pounds on my shoulder could have pinched a nerve, causing a “sublixation”.  Over the past three decades I have become a huge fan of chiropractic services because of the benefits it has brought to me, my family and my clients. 
Early Monday morning I visited my good friend, Dr. Fred Clarke at Life Chiropractic. He made some adjustments in my neck and shoulder area; restoring 90% of my balance.  Shortly after my second visit on Tuesday, the nausea and vertigo were gone.  Awesome!
Here are a few of the lessons I learned and want to share with you:

  1. Think before you lift
  2. Use the shopping cart and ask for help or limit the weight; otherwise, you risk much more than you gain
  3. If it’s not an emergency, rest and listen to your body
  4.  Medication may only mask the problem; think about the source or cause of the issue not symptom(s); drugs may only complicate the issue
  5. Resources and connections: Who do you know and trust to give you guidance and assistance if advice is needed? 
  6. The body is an amazing machine and wants to heal itself; however, what you eat, drink, think and do impacts your well-being

After these three challenging days, my empathy for people dealing with vertigo, health issues and reduced quality of life has grown.  I understand the pain and suffering associated with being unable to do simple tasks.  This experience has made me even more passionate to share my TCOY message. 
Good health is priceless.  If you have it, do everything you can to maintain it.  If it is failing, do everything you can to restore it.  Well-being is about the whole person being balanced; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  My TCOY Wellness program and coaching provides a pathway to a life well lived. 
Are you struggling with health issues, anxiety, depression or lacking joy in your life?  Life isn’t without struggles and storm; however, having someone to help and guide you during the storm makes all the difference in the world.  Mandisa’s “Overcomer” is an upbeat song that provides encouragement.
Until next month…


Coach Lucy

LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL.  Tip 101:  Learn to let go of perfectionism…a classic video of Paul Hunt on the balance beam.  

What’s Your Story?

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The Dash (-)

The Dash (-)

Enjoy my May newsletter as it focuses on what LIFE is all about…living the dash!


Are You Guilty of “Goal Vaulting” In Life?

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Are You Guilty of “Goal Vaulting” In Life?

Decades ago I heard the term “goal vaulting”. It was a real eye opener about the way I was reacting with my personal competitions and in some areas of my life.  Awareness is the first step in change and I’m happy to have learned this lesson sooner rather than later in life.  Allow me to explain the concept and how it may be impacting your life too.

As a competitive athlete I am very determined, disciplined and committed.  Any strength can become a weakness if not balanced. My desire to be a professional athlete meant daily training and competing in two or three tournaments every month. I put a tremendous amount of pressure and demands on myself during my highly competitive years.

Granted, I had numerous sponsors and the prize money was only given to first and second place finishers but, there’s more to competing than winning or losing.  The mental aspect is as important as the physical.  I was “goal vaulting” my performances.  I would train and focus on competing in a specific tournament, play well, and even win. However, while driving home I was already diminishing my victory and thinking about my next tournament.

Goal vaulting is jumping from one goal into the next goal without taking time to acknowledge and celebrate your efforts and achievement.  As you can imagine, this can create burnout and other challenges.

Have you ever had a project in school, at work or at home that involved an intense amount of time and effort to complete?  Once finished, did you immediately immerse yourself in another project or did you take some time to reward yourself for all your hard work?  This can even apply in relationships; parents often fail to realize the effects of their influence until after their child becomes an adult.

Sadly, I feel today’s society focuses far too much on just the end results, pushing many to the brink of exhaustion striving for constant perfection.  Therein lies the misconception, perfection is short lived, if obtained at all.  Life is not about perfection nor the destination; it is about the journey and what happens along the way.


One of my all-time favorite books, which later became a movie, is The Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman.  The story contains great insight and wisdom and, because it made a profound impact on me, I highly recommend it to others. Live in the present moment not in the past or the future.  Enjoy the journey, be happy and find the joy in life.

My competitiveness is still alive and well but my focus is on striving to be the best I can every day in every situation, on and off the court.  We can only control our efforts, not the outcome. Worrying is negative goal setting for the future and fear-based.  Let go of the past and spend time focusing on the present, in faith.

Our greatest fear isCLICK HERE (this is true for everyone)!

January is, for many, a time to set goals with the start of the new year.  My advice is: focus on your WHY.  Knowing “why” attaches emotion to the goal and this internal motivator will inspire you when the external factors begin to press down on you.

It is never too late to be what you want to be.  Every day provides new opportunities.

Interested in learning more about my personal wellness coaching, company wellness program or learn more about my speaking engagements?  Contact me ~ Video Business Card.    Confidence comes in DOING…so let’s DO WELLNESS together.  Until next month…TCOY

Coach Lucy

A candle loses nothing

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February 2009 Newsletter

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This month my topic is ‘FOCUS’. Overall, focus is a great quality and brings success toward achieving goals. However, the old saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is a good analogy because we can become blinded and at times if our focus is misaligned.

For example, as a weakness, a child who does poorly in one subject, such as math. It is not in the child’s best interest to solely focus constantly on the sub-par achievements in this subject to the point that it makes the child feel inadequate. It is merely just one subject and that subject may not play a big role in their future. Dwelling on the struggle can have far greater negative impact emotionally and psychologically. I am not saying let them flunk out in a subject, provide assistance and help but don’t stress over this one area to an extreme.

As adults, many people focus on what they DON’T have instead of what they DO have. This could be education, finances, relationships or health. Psychologically, we get what we think about. With over 60,000 thoughts going through our mind every day, what are you thinking about? With all the negativity that is surrounding us today in the news, TV, movies, the drama and hype often consumes and surrounds us with negativity. Therefore, focusing on the negative draws negativity back into our lives.

Time to change things and move on in a positive sense. We all have had to. Change is never easy but it is a fact of life. I remember reading somewhere: if you’re not changing, you’re dying. Isn’t that a profound thought? The more and more I thought about it, I see how true it is.

Anger, resentment, jealousy are things that eat at YOU…not the person you hold these feelings for. So if you focus on them, there is only pain and suffering on YOUR part. Truly an unhealthy focus. Life-Suckers!

Gratefulness, joy, happiness and love are things that enrich your life. By dwelling on these things, you will benefit. Life-Enhancers!

After high school and college, lives change focus. After marriage or having children, lives again will changes focus. It’s important to realize that time flies by and we need to focus, then re-focus and continue to hold on to hope for what we desire in our lives.

What do you desire? Financial freedom? Better Health? Relationships? We are more alike than we are different. The goals above are common and we all share them; yet, we prioritize them differently. BALANCE is key. For what would it be worth to be the richest person in the world without your health or someone to share it with?

My suggestion to you this month, think about what you truly want in your life. Write this in an affirmation, read it and think about it daily. Do this for the next few weeks, seeing it as if you are living it. I believe this will begin to change your mindset as you focus on what you want. Happy Thoughts!

Be Strong * Be Well

Until next month . . . TCOY!


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