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The Bottom Line

While not all companies have the space, time or monetary resources, to institute an all-inclusive wellness program, there are plenty of ways to get a wellness program started, even in a small company. In the end, wellness programs are shown to actually save companies money, boost morale and raise productivity. Every company, both large and small can stand to have revenue saved, morale boosted and productivity raised. In the end, it is a win-win situation.


If you do nothing, it’s a matter of “when” not “if” a crisis situation will arise.  Healthcare issues did not develop overnight, nor will they go away overnight.  My TCOY Wellness Warrior Training develops the mindset and lifestyle of a champion. 

Battles and challenges are inevitable in life; how you deal with them is what makes all the difference.  Stress isn’t bad.  Change isn’t bad.  Both are opportunities for growth. If nothing changes, nothing changes.  Allow me to train the warrior within you.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is to Take Care of You!  If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

Become a TCOY Warrior!  Contact me regarding my training programs and speaking engagements.  Coach Lucy


Life Expectancy & Health Spending

Our health care spending is like no other country–but our life expectancy is also middling. You can see that in this chart, where the United States spending on health care charted against life expectancy pretty much looks like no other country out there.


“While life expectancy in the United States used to be one year above the OECD average in 1970, it is now more than one year below the average,” the authors write. “Many possible explanations have been suggested for these lower gains in life expectancy, including the highly fragmented nature of the U.S. health system, with relatively few resources devoted to public health and primary care, and a large share of the population uninsured.”

We’re spending a lot on health care but, when it comes to life expectancy, not getting much back in return.

TCOY WELLNESS programs and coaching focuses on Quality of Life and Well-Being.  You get what you focus on…is the current healthcare system and your way of life working for you?

Company Wellness Programs / Workshops / Speaking Engagements 

Wellness is much more than “staying alive” it’s about “quality of life”. The Golden Years will not be wonderful if poor health leaves you unable to enjoy them. Your number one asset in your life is your health and well-being.

Contact me regarding my TCOY beyond the box thinking and enhancing quality of life…for the Health of it!

Coach Lucy



30,000 People Die Each Year…

30,000 People Die Each Year…

Take a few minutes to watch the video above.  Within the 4-minutes, insight is given into our broken healthcare system.  Since it is based on DISEASE MANAGEMENT, the ONLY way to turn this around is to embrace the TCOY philosophy and lifestyle.  

Wellness or Sickness is a result of choices.  Choose wisely! 

Although wellness is easy to do, it’s easy not to do.  Thus, I provide a proven pathway, mentoring and encouragement as a Wellness and Life Coach.  With 30+ years of coaching experience and a walking testimonial for the TCOY well-being lifestyle, I’m here to help!

If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?  Don’t wait for a crisis to take action ~ TCOY is more than a business name, it’s a philosophy and way of life.  LEARN IT. LIVE IT.  LOVE IT.


Saving Lives


If you have not been bitten by the video’s, I’d like to encourage you to check them out.  These short, informative, insightful and inspiring talks are wonderful ways to stay on top of events and people.


For example, tonight I watched Eli Beer on TED med.  CLICK HERE – The fastest ambulance.  This passionate man found a brilliant way to make a difference by saving lives.  His idea has been embraced and crosses cultural and religious barriers.


My hope is this would spread though out the world and the fear of “being sued” would not stop people from acting out of love to help one another.  For LOVE is the great emotion and all things are possible through it.


TCOY = Take Care of You!

Coach Lucy


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