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Tips for Halloween treating…


Be the change you want to see!  Join in with my TCOY (take care of you) philosophy and participate in my 5th Annual Tweak the Treat Community Event.   This is a fun post-Halloween community outreach that impacts lives of people you will never meet or see.  Share your excessive treats and write a note of appreciate to a soldier.  Care packages will receive around Thanksgiving.


TWEAK the TREAT is a fun Annual event for the entire family.  *Read my article.


*Head…change your thinking…and your kids memory of this holiday?

*Heart…gratitude!  The treats are the gift kids get to share with others.

*Body…get active and make some family time memories too.

Image Make this a family time by spending time doing simple activities.  When people bring in their excessive treats…they receive ACTIVITY PASSES from:  Tiger Rock Karate, Prairie Life Fitness, 360 Gymnastics, Monkey Bizness, Lil Monkey Bizness, and Cosmic Jump.


Sponsors include:

KC Whole Nutrition (Barbara Hamilton is a wealth of information!); Mannatech (nutritional supplements); Planet Beach Contempo Spa (Guest Pass); Quivira Crossing Vet Clinic (Dr. Cindy Taylor, keeping our 4-legged friends healthy); Grapes and Paints (fun art studio for all ages) and the Studio 56 (Diana Foster provides the note cards for the care-packages for our troops).

Face-Painting this year will be done by  :)  A Special thanks to:  Klein Orthodontics; New You Health Clinic KC; Durrie Vision; LIFE Chiropractic (Dr. Fred Clarke) in Olathe; Dr. Michael Flanery, D.C. in Overland Park; iRiseAbove; Rosco Halsey – Edward Jones;  Cory Caviar – Liberty Fruit.

Image  Image  Image

WHAT TO HAND OUT ON HALLOWEEN???  Consider some of these treats:

• Individual hot cocoa packets • Individual popcorn packets • Mini pretzel bags • 100% fruit leather • Whole grain cracker bags

Trinkets: • Money • Fun designs of pencils, pens, and/or erasers • Stickers – great idea • Bouncy balls – (size appropriate) •  Fun bracelets • Bubbles • Glow bracelets • Crayons • Jump ropes

Do you still want to offer traditional treats on Halloween?  Think small…get the mini size.

*Know someone serving in the military? Send me their information and I will send a care package.

*Care to make a financial contribution to help with the cost of the shipping?  Contact me…We typically receive about 500-1000lbs of candy!

*If you can’t make the event…you can still contribute!   DROP OFF LOCATIONS THRU NOVEMBER 10th include:  Prairie Life Fitness; Klein Orthodontics; Tiger Rock Karate – Olathe; Quivira Crossing Vet Clinic; LIFE Chiropractic, 360 Gym; Planet Beach Contempo Spa.


Coming Nov. 3rd…the 5th Annual Tweak the Treat

 October 2013






is fast approaching:

November 3, from 2-5pm

Prairie Life Fitness, Olathe KS

(Last years YouTube video)

*Drop off excessive treat thru Nov 10th*

“LIKE” & Gather more information on the FaceBook Page

Are you wanting some TWEAKFUL IDEAS for those Trick or Treaters?

Consider:  Individual Hot Cocoa packets, applesauce, pretzels, popcorn

or non-edible items

such as stickers, balls, cards, balloons…


*Here’s a LINK with a wide range of suggestions*

2012 – The 4th Annual Tweak the Treat – VIDEO!

Take a moment and view the 2012 Video.  This is a Post Halloween Event focusing on total wellness:  Head, Heart and Body.  Created by Lucy DelSarto.

As a wellness ambassador and coach, my passion is to help others improve their quality of life. My TCOY (Take Care of You) Wellness philosophy is to address the whole person for well-being.

I wanted to inspire others and create an event to bring families together, get people physically active and show our gratitude to our US Troops.

The Sunday following Halloween, kids and adults bring in their excessive treats, fun activities and guest passes are provided; participants then write notes to be included in the care-packages sent overseas to our troops.

The event continues to grow every year.  Check out past year video’s on YouTube under “Tweak the Treat”…and share with others.

Coach Lucy

If you would like to know more,

  • contact Lucy DelSarto, 
  • Visit:
  • please LIKE our fanpage on Facebook “”.

A very special thanks to our sponsors: 

TCOY Wellness, Durrie Vision, AppleTree Dentistry, Klein Orthodontics, Tiger Rock Karate – Olathe, The Studio 56 / Diana & Randy Foster; Rosco Halsey of Edward Jones; Prairie Life Fitness -Olathe, Dr. Cindy Taylor, DVM – Quivira Crossing Vet Clinic, Dr. Michael Flanery – Flanery Chiropractor, Carol Miner – Balloon Garden, Mannatech, Monkey Bizness – Olathe, Little Monkey Bizness – Shawnee, Bethany Spilde – Social Buzz Media, Title Boxing – Olathe, Cosmic Golf, Kosama – Overland Park, Jennifer Shelton Yoga, St. Andrews Golf Course and Jason’s Deli – Olathe.

  • Army Representative:  BJ Longston
  • Video created by:  Shea DelSarto
  • Song:  Good To Be Alive by Jason Gray
  • Image

Post Event – 4th Annual Tweak the Treat

It’s the habit, not the plan, that makes all the difference; action is required.  TCOY = Take Care of You    Coach Lucy

Thank you all for sharing in my vision…

In 2009, I set out to create a family event focused on Total Wellness (head, heart and body).  By changing the way we THINK (head), giving/ sharing with our troops (heart) and getting physically active (body)…we will be healthier and happier!  It’s working too; the event not only has regular attendees but each year it continues to grow and impact more lives.

Imagine the JOY on  the troops faces when they receive the care-packages with treats and cards of appreciation just days before Thanksgiving!  Holidays can be tough on anyone but being thousands of miles away from home and loved ones makes it even more challenging.  Yes, lives are being touched in a beautiful way here and abroad.

Mirroring:  Things CAUGHT rather than TAUGHT.  Children watch and respond to what they see.  A returning family approached me and told me while they were out “trick or treating” with their daughter, she turned to them and said, “Look at all this candy I’m going to be able to share with the troop!”   How priceless is that!!!

During the event, kids are given the opportunity to have their faces painted by the talented Carol Miner of Balloon Garden.  Also, they get active by going into to the KIDS GYM to play on the climbing wall and other fun activities.  In addition, local sponsors provide family fun activities  to participate in later.

A special  THANK  YOU to Specialist William Longston, Army, who represented our Military at the 4th Annual Tweak the Treat event on Sunday, Nov. 4th.  This young man is a graduate from Olathe North and told me “I love being able to serve our country!”  His passion is obvious and we are blessed as a nation to have wonderful soldiers such as BJ.

Keep our troops in your prayers.  Also, help me in thanking the sponsors who donated…


TCOY Wellness, Durrie Vision, Klein Orthodontics, Appletree Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Dr. Cindy Taylor owner of Quivira Crossing Vet Clinic, Dr. Michael Flanery DC, Diana & Randy Foster – The Studio 56,  Team Mannatech, Rosco Halsey – Edward Jones, Prairie Life Fitness,  Tiger Rock Karate – Olathe,  Carol Miner – Artist  at Balloon Garden (face-painting), Bethany Spilde – Social Buzz Media, Monkey Bizness & Little Monkey Bizness, St. Andrews Golf,  Title Boxing,  Cosmic Golf, Kosama, Planet Beach Contempo Spa, Jennifer Shelton Yoga along with numerous friends who stepped up to help make this a truly awesome and memorable event.

Valley Park Elementary joined in the efforts too and has been collecting candy all week long…a lot of candy too!

Thank you one and all!  Video coming in December. I want to include pictures of the TROOPS opening up and enjoying the care-packages.

To learn more about the event:

“LIKE” the fan pages –

“It is the soldier,not the reporter who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the organizer, who gave us freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag. And who coffin is draped by the flag, who allows protester to burn the flag.”   Unknown

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