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The Present (a very special gift)

When we fail to value the present moment, we fail to value life. If you take care of the moments, the hours and days will take care of themselves.

Last month, we took to the streets of KC for my 5th Annual FREE HUG DAY.  We captured some great pictures for the 2014 video.    I hope you enjoy it and will share with others!  ~ Cyber hugs ~ Coach Lucy


THE GIFT by Leo Babauta (Zen Habits)

Three people are given a magical gift by a luminous, kindhearted fairy.

The gift is that for just one hour, they get to experience magic and wonders. This limited time is filled with visual delights, food of the utmost deliciousness, amazing people with incredible talents, and love.

The first person is a great man, and while he’s grateful for the gift, he has lots to do and so regrettably has to spend a lot of it replying to emails and texts, and checking for updates in social media. He does take some pictures of the delicious food and shares it on social media, though he doesn’t pay attention to the taste.

The second person is a bit of procrastinator (OK, let’s be honest: a big procrastinator), and while she really wants to use this gift wisely, she keeps putting it off. She spends much of the hour watching videos the first guy posts online of the magical world, but she doesn’t go out and experience it herself.

The third person is blown away by this gift. What an incredible opportunity! She realizes she needs to make the most of it, but isn’t sure how.

So she starts by paying attention. She notices every little detail. She listens to the amazing people she meets, and tries to really see them for who they are. She tastes the food and pays close attention to every sensation as she eats, savoring the food slowly.

She then practices gratitude for every moment, every person, everything she’s given. She’s filled with happiness by every little thing in this hour.

Finally, she changes people’s lives. She uses what’s left of this dwindling hour to learn magic skills, to heal people who are struggling (including the first guy), to make things to delight the other amazing people in this magical world.

She becomes the gift for others.

The hour is over, and the first two people realize they’ve wasted the gift, and will never get it again. They’re filled with regret. The third person has no regrets, because she paid attention, was grateful, and used the magic to change lives. She used the gift to its fullest potential.

Which of those three people are you?


Tips for Halloween treating…


Be the change you want to see!  Join in with my TCOY (take care of you) philosophy and participate in my 5th Annual Tweak the Treat Community Event.   This is a fun post-Halloween community outreach that impacts lives of people you will never meet or see.  Share your excessive treats and write a note of appreciate to a soldier.  Care packages will receive around Thanksgiving.


TWEAK the TREAT is a fun Annual event for the entire family.  *Read my article.


*Head…change your thinking…and your kids memory of this holiday?

*Heart…gratitude!  The treats are the gift kids get to share with others.

*Body…get active and make some family time memories too.

Image Make this a family time by spending time doing simple activities.  When people bring in their excessive treats…they receive ACTIVITY PASSES from:  Tiger Rock Karate, Prairie Life Fitness, 360 Gymnastics, Monkey Bizness, Lil Monkey Bizness, and Cosmic Jump.


Sponsors include:

KC Whole Nutrition (Barbara Hamilton is a wealth of information!); Mannatech (nutritional supplements); Planet Beach Contempo Spa (Guest Pass); Quivira Crossing Vet Clinic (Dr. Cindy Taylor, keeping our 4-legged friends healthy); Grapes and Paints (fun art studio for all ages) and the Studio 56 (Diana Foster provides the note cards for the care-packages for our troops).

Face-Painting this year will be done by  :)  A Special thanks to:  Klein Orthodontics; New You Health Clinic KC; Durrie Vision; LIFE Chiropractic (Dr. Fred Clarke) in Olathe; Dr. Michael Flanery, D.C. in Overland Park; iRiseAbove; Rosco Halsey – Edward Jones;  Cory Caviar – Liberty Fruit.

Image  Image  Image

WHAT TO HAND OUT ON HALLOWEEN???  Consider some of these treats:

• Individual hot cocoa packets • Individual popcorn packets • Mini pretzel bags • 100% fruit leather • Whole grain cracker bags

Trinkets: • Money • Fun designs of pencils, pens, and/or erasers • Stickers – great idea • Bouncy balls – (size appropriate) •  Fun bracelets • Bubbles • Glow bracelets • Crayons • Jump ropes

Do you still want to offer traditional treats on Halloween?  Think small…get the mini size.

*Know someone serving in the military? Send me their information and I will send a care package.

*Care to make a financial contribution to help with the cost of the shipping?  Contact me…We typically receive about 500-1000lbs of candy!

*If you can’t make the event…you can still contribute!   DROP OFF LOCATIONS THRU NOVEMBER 10th include:  Prairie Life Fitness; Klein Orthodontics; Tiger Rock Karate – Olathe; Quivira Crossing Vet Clinic; LIFE Chiropractic, 360 Gym; Planet Beach Contempo Spa.


A Lesson In Life & Longevity… Size this one up!

Little Mouse!

The extraordinary scene was captured by photography student Casey Gutteridge at the Santago Rare Leopard Project in Hertfordshire. The 19-year-old, from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, who was photographing the leopard for a course project, was astounded By the mouse’s behaviour.

He said: “I have no idea where the mouse came from – he just appeared in the enclosure after the keeper had dropped in the meat for the leopard. He didn’t take any notice of the leopard, just went straight over to the meat and started feeding himself.”

“But the leopard was pretty surprised – she bent down and sniffed the mouse and flinched a bit like she was scared. In the meantime the mouse just carried on eating like nothing had happened.

But even a gentle shove does not deter the little creature from getting his fill…” It was amazing, even the keeper who had thrown the meat into the enclosure was shocked – he said he’d never seen anything like it before.”

Project owner Jackie James added: “It was so funny to see – Sheena batted the mouse a couple of times to try to get it away from her food.” But the determined little thing took no notice and just carried on.”

Sheena was brought in to the Santago Rare Leopard Project from a UK zoo when she was just four months old. She is one of 14 big cats in the private collection started by Jackie’s late husband Peter in 1989. The African Leopard can be found in the continent’s forests, grasslands, savannas, and rainforests.

So the mouse continued to eat the leopard’s lunch andshow the leopard who was the boss. Just proves no one canpush you around without your permission.

Be nice to others because...

Time WILL make a difference!

One day you will no longer be the big dog… Just the old dog…
And my friend, WE are now the old dogs.


None of us can do everything,
but we can each do something!

Be Thankful ~




“Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire,

If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don’t know something

For it gives you the opportunity to learn.


Be thankful for the difficult times.

During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations

Because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge

Because it will build your strength and character.


Be thankful for your mistakes

They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you’re tired and weary

Because it means you’ve made a difference.

It is easy to be thankful for the good things.

A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are

also thankful for the setbacks.


GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.

Find a way to be thankful for your troubles

and they can become your blessings.”  Author Unknown

2012 – The 4th Annual Tweak the Treat – VIDEO!

Take a moment and view the 2012 Video.  This is a Post Halloween Event focusing on total wellness:  Head, Heart and Body.  Created by Lucy DelSarto.

As a wellness ambassador and coach, my passion is to help others improve their quality of life. My TCOY (Take Care of You) Wellness philosophy is to address the whole person for well-being.

I wanted to inspire others and create an event to bring families together, get people physically active and show our gratitude to our US Troops.

The Sunday following Halloween, kids and adults bring in their excessive treats, fun activities and guest passes are provided; participants then write notes to be included in the care-packages sent overseas to our troops.

The event continues to grow every year.  Check out past year video’s on YouTube under “Tweak the Treat”…and share with others.

Coach Lucy

If you would like to know more,

  • contact Lucy DelSarto, 
  • Visit:
  • please LIKE our fanpage on Facebook “”.

A very special thanks to our sponsors: 

TCOY Wellness, Durrie Vision, AppleTree Dentistry, Klein Orthodontics, Tiger Rock Karate – Olathe, The Studio 56 / Diana & Randy Foster; Rosco Halsey of Edward Jones; Prairie Life Fitness -Olathe, Dr. Cindy Taylor, DVM – Quivira Crossing Vet Clinic, Dr. Michael Flanery – Flanery Chiropractor, Carol Miner – Balloon Garden, Mannatech, Monkey Bizness – Olathe, Little Monkey Bizness – Shawnee, Bethany Spilde – Social Buzz Media, Title Boxing – Olathe, Cosmic Golf, Kosama – Overland Park, Jennifer Shelton Yoga, St. Andrews Golf Course and Jason’s Deli – Olathe.

  • Army Representative:  BJ Longston
  • Video created by:  Shea DelSarto
  • Song:  Good To Be Alive by Jason Gray
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