2 year old understands life

I recently came across an article “Rethinking Exercise as a Source of Immediate Rewards” and felt it was spot on to the TCOY (take care of you) philosophy.  Wanting a positive reward for our actions is basic psychology of the human mind.

Often I have heard people say “I want to lose weight”.  It is a vague comment and if there is not an internal and emotional component attached, it will never withstand the inevitable temptations ahead.

Like any new habit, it requires learning commitment and with immediate rewards, we are inclined to repeat it.  Feeling more energetic and reducing stress are two HUGE benefits I’ve always emphasised.  The only person who can truly take care of your body is YOU.

The most powerful and under utilized RX for depression and stress is exercise.  Take my TCOY Challenge…the next time you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, cranky, anxious, frustrated or whatever negative emotion is overcoming you:  GET UP and either take a 10-15 walk; walk a few flights of stairs; to twenty squats or lunges.  Watch your energy level and mental focus improve.


Excerpt from the article:

“Health is not an optimal way to make physical activity relevant and compelling enough for most people to prioritize in their hectic lives,” Dr. Segar said in an interview.

Though it seems counterintuitive, studies have shown that people whose goals are weight loss and better health tend to spend the least amount of time exercising. That is true even for older adults, a study of 335 men and women ages 60 to 95 showed.

Rather, immediate rewards that enhance daily life — more energy, a better mood, less stress and more opportunity to connect with friends and family — offer far more motivation, Dr. Segar and others have found.

“I like to think of physical activity as a way to revitalize and renew ourselves, as fuel to better enjoy and succeed at what matters most,” she said.


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