My WORD for 2015…


Every year, I do a few things. First, I review the year behind me, then I set goals for the year ahead. In that process, I pray about and choose a word of the year.

This year, I again spent time thinking and praying about what ONE WORD could be beneficial and impact my life this year and beyond.  My word came to me, as did the past words, with a sense of peace and excitement.  I’m already embracing it and using it to enhance my life as well as to help others.  My WORD for 2015 is…  ASK.

In brief, the goal is to choose a word that will direct how I think about my life and the decisions I make about how to spend my time.

One word that helps me when I’m not sure what to do or where to put my energies or how and what to prioritize. One word to help me live. In the past, I’ve had the word “Believe” (2013), and “Trust” 2014). Both provided me strength and were helpful to getting me where I wanted to be in those years.

Learn more about ONE WORD:

Just One Word article in KC Health & Wellness magazine.

My One Word website


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