4 Stages of Trust

3 things you give n still keep

4 Stages of Trust

Everything is built on trust. The four stages of trust:

1. Relationship. The first stage of trust represents the beginning of a relationship.  We generally start off with some preconceived notion about others. This is where a person’s or a company’s reputation comes into play.

2. Core Values. The second stage represents core values that lead to trusting relationships. Some examples are integrity, fairness, reliability, strength of conviction, and openness. When these actions are repeated time and time again, the relationship is strengthened and graduates to the next phase.

3. Consistency. The third stage, consistency, enables us to anticipate probable behavior and actions. It provides a certain degree of comfort that helps us to maintain the relationship even through difficult times.

4. Faith. The fourth stage is faith. This is the stage at which actions are so predictable that we don’t consciously have to think about the relationship. At this phase, trust has become so integral a part of the relationship that we expect it to work. It is at this stage that people allow themselves to become entirely vulnerable to others.

Read the entire post:  The Importance of Character – Skip Prichard and Frank Sonnerberg.

Actions speak louder than words


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