A TCOY Minute

With the HOLIDAY SEASON now upon us, I want to invite you to slow down for a moment and practice the five deep breaths meditation:

With the first breath, relax your shoulders.
With the second breath, notice how your breath moves in your body.
With the third breath, try to let go of anything pulling on you.
With the fourth, feel the space you create inside you.
And with the fifth, let your mind rest in this space.

Just notice what the experience feels like. Letting go of “doing it right,” and instead, just giving yourself the gift of being right here.

Feeling like your days are just a blur?  Take my TCOY Challenge and visit this link daily:  Do nothing for 2 minutes.

We are human BEings…enjoy the moment, for once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.  Plus, we think and perform better as we take breaks.

I recall some wise advice I was given when my daughter was a toddler that I still hold onto to this day:

If it won’t matter six months or years from now, don’t stress about it.

Lighten up!  LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.

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