Walk without FEAR

60000 thoughts a day

Nik Wallenda comes from a long background of tightrope walkers.  He conquers fear by never letting it take room in his thought process.

His recent feat was walking over the Chicago skyline, 1000 feet in the air on a tightrope the width of a penny!  Imagine the Chicago winds blowing.  Imagine one more thing, doing it BLINDFOLDED!!!!

Every day, everyone of us faces challenges.  Personally, like Nik, I draw strength from my faith and have learned the fear and worry are energy vampires.  Focus on what you want and prepare to take action if things don’t go right but do NOT linger in fear before or during the process.

Doubt causes procrastination and procrastination leads to failure and disappointment.

Live in the moment, enjoy it and seek to grow each and every day.  If you’re not growing, you’re dying.  If you’re currently in a storm, know it WILL PASS.  Be Strong and Be Courageous!  Trust me, this too will pass (good or bad) ~ persevere and don’t let FEAR occupy your thoughts.  If negative thoughts drift in, simply say to yourself, “appreciate your thoughts but they’re not welcomed here” and then let go of it.  Seriously, let go!

a flower on the train tracks

TCOY Challenge:  Ask more questions to learn more about people and things.  Greet people with a smile and positive outlook, and practice RAK (random acts of kindness).  I believe the best way to stay young and healthy is be proactive in your thoughts, words and actions.

Be Well and remember to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Coach Lucy


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