“Joy is the fuel that energizes the human spirit.”  Coach Lucy DelSarto

Goofy husky lol

Seize the Moment!  Photo Bomb :)

Life is a roller coaster with many ups and downs.  If you were to picture an EKG chart, you would quickly come to realize those UPS and DOWN mean life, a straight line indicates no life.  Embrace the famous quote:  “This too shall pass.”  I find more enjoyment in my life by focusing in the present moment and as it exists right now.

Three things I look to do every single day:  to laugh, to acknowledge another person with a smile and/or words of encouragement and to give thanks for my blessings.

TCOY Warrior Training 101:

Three simple ways to enhance your joy factor…easy to do, easy not to do ~

  1. Create your joy – Have a daily ritual around enjoyment

Upon waking, ask yourself, take a few moments to stretch and ground yourself.  Reflect on “What do I look forward to most today?” At the end of your day, ask yourself, “What was the most enjoyable part of my day and why?”

Writing things down make even more of an impact.  Keep a journal or a gratitude jar.  Nightly write down one thing you enjoyed about your day on a slip of paper, and drop it in a jar. A year from now, empty the jar and re-read the slips. I love this method because of its double-pronged benefit: not only do you get to dwell on your enjoyment every day, but you can relive it all at once, long after the fact.

  1. Enjoy your food rather than gulping it down.

What does it taste like? Try to identify the different sensations. Salty? Sweet? Bitter? Sour? If you are eating with someone, comment to them about each observation.

Eating smaller portions of food with more mindfulness can increase your actual enjoyment of what you are eating.

  1. Visual reminder of what you love and whatever is most important in your life.

In the midst of any stressful day, take a glance at a picture or item that remind you to focus on what is truly enjoyable in your life.  It will help divert attention from stress and build resilience.


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