Your HELP is needed

1 - adorable girl at bin - luc n sgt

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a care-package in the mail?   Imagine being overseas and serving your country.  Now imagine how AWESOME it would feel opening a care-package full of treats and notes of THANKS & APPRECIATION from folks you’ve never met.

soliders with candy

The 6th Annual Tweak the Treat Post-Halloween event is on November 2nd (treats collected through Nov. 10) and YOU can be a part of making a difference no matter where you live!

Learn about the event:

How you can help:

  • I’m taking names!  Names of military folks to send the care-packages to, send to:
  • Share the Facebook page, video’s and magazine article…get the word out so others can participate too.
  • Donation support – it costs over $15 to send ONE PACKAGE.  Would you like to help by contributing?  All amounts are welcomed.  Send checks payable to:  Lucy DelSarto / TCOY Wellness, 14004 Summertree Lane, Olathe, KS  66062


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