A pansy

I don’t have it all figured out but I am doing my upmost to live out the TCOY (take care of you) lifestyle and share my experiences while on this journey called life.   If I don’t WIN, I LEARN…that has always been my way of viewing life and my athletic performances.
Self-discipline with an inner desire and passion to be and do my best and to help others are my fuel sources.   Life is challenging but the TCOY Warrior finds joy and wisdom in the battles.
Life today is essentially the sum of your habits and daily rituals.  It’s so easy to overestimate the importance of a “defining moment” and underestimate the value of daily choices and disciplines that are truly the foundation for all success.
The PROCESS defines the lifestyle, good or bad.  You are the captain of your ship (your life).
The quote below from BJ Fogg, a professor at Stanford University, sums up the power of creating a sustainable and successful habit by focusing on embracing the type of person you want to be and proving it to yourself with small victories.  Confidence comes from doing…create the good habit, for the health of it! 
“If you plant the right seed in the right spot, it will grow without further coaxing. I believe this is the best metaphor for creating habits.
The “right seed” is the tiny behavior that you choose. The “right spot” is the sequencing — what it comes after. The “coaxing” part is amping up motivation, which I think has nothing to do with creating habits. In fact, focusing on motivation as the key to habits is exactly wrong.
Let me be more explicit: If you pick the right small behavior and sequence it right, then you won’t have to motivate yourself to have it grow. It will just happen naturally, like a good seed planted in a good spot.”  BJ Fogg
The two culprits to forming a bad habit:  stress and boredom.  Seek to REPLACE a bad habit with a good habit.  Example – if you snack when stressed, be aware of the trigger and instead of eating, take time to refocus and ground yourself –  LINK:  Do nothing for 2-minutes.  TRY IT!
You can’t change over night but you can change your direction.

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