a hand and heart

No man is an island (by 10th Ave. North) is an inspirational song. We are social creatures, so be more social…for the health of it! Three simple ways to create happiness for yourself and others.  

1. Greet people. Common sense I know but people still tell me all the time that they feel ignored by others. People believe that they greet others, but I encourage you to monitor yourself over the next couple of weeks and really make sure that you do. You need to say “Hello,” “Hi,” “Good morning,” or offer a similar greeting to people you know and to people you don’t know. The person that you say “hello” to may be feeling overwhelmed and your ray of cheer could break the negative thought process.  POSITIVE INTERRUPT… I like it!

2. Make some small talk. You don’t need to know people’s life stories, but a little small talk can help establish a connection between people. Use “safe” topics. You can talk about the weather (front-page stories such as hurricanes generally have more appeal), traffic, common experiences, travel, sports (if everyone is interested), entertainment (movies, plays), holiday celebrations, upbeat business news, vacations, current events (cautiously), or family activity.  A sincere smile and compliment are treasures you can give to anyone and any time, so be a generous bank of smiles and compliments.

3. Offer to help, when you can. Why not offer to help when you can? If someone (male or female) is struggling with packages or simply holding the door open for them…assisting that person is a nice thing to do.

You will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love. 

Be bold in life…live each day as if it is a gift, because it is. Take chances, because life is all about chances.  Those that take chances are the one’s who will live a more abundant life.  Enjoy the journey!  TCOY … Coach Lucy

2014 July bridge JOURNEY bw



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