The Art of Connecting

a teacher in the making

Have you ever notice how well kids and animals connect without words?

Today’s society has more ways to communicate than any other time in history but the question is, are you truly connecting or just sharing information and wanting to talk?

Communicate: to give information about (something) to someone by speaking, writing, moving your hands, etc.

Connect:  bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

The ability to hold a natural conversation is key to success in the professional world. Knowing when to initiate a discussion, keeping it interesting by asking effective questions, sharing your own stories and ending dialogue with kindness is an art.

I see life this way, there are no strangers, only people you haven’t met yet.  If I’m standing in line or see someone sitting on a bench, the odds are pretty good I will acknowledge them with at least a smile and perhaps start a conversation.  I’ve met some very good friends by such an encounter.

Is this outside of your comfort zone?  Learn how to create connections in conversations by following these seven steps – Excerpt article:

1. Exude confidence. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you make others comfortable. If you take the attitude that you bring something to the table, you will see that attitude reflected in others. Remember: Attitudes are worth catching make yours infectious by being full of enthusiasm

2. Show up with something to say. Always be on the lookout for material to start up a conversation.

3. Begin with a question. Besides showing interest in someone, one simple question can start an entire conversation. Asking something a bit unusual sets you apart from the crowd. Rather than, “What do you do?” ask, “How do you enjoy spending your weekends?”

4. Find common ground. The surest way to build rapport is to find something you have in common and build on that interest. Don’t shy away from topics that have nothing to do with business. They often create the perfect connection.

5. Focus on others. Putting your energy and interest in another person marks you as a great conversationalist.  Keep that back and forth volley going with conversation.

6. Be inclusive. Excluding others in the group is a conversation killer. Make eye contact with everyone in the group, not just the person who asked you a direct question.

7. Close a conversation with class. When a conversation naturally lulls, take advantage and say, “It’s been a pleasure talking with you. I hope our paths cross again soon.” Before leaving, be sure to thank the hosts.

TCOY CHALLENGE – Incorporate these seven ACTION STEPS into your daily routine.  You’ll be amazed at the results!

Be Well and remember to ~  Take Care of You!
Coach Lucy
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