We can live on the same road for decades and never learn the names of those we share a street address with. We can use the same corner shop every time we buy a newspaper or coffee and still have no idea about the person selling it to us.

TCOY Challenge:  I invite you to become aware: to look up, look around and really notice those you come into contact with. Strike up a conversation in the process, and learn their name. It’ll be important later on…

As I see it, there are no strangers, simply folks I have not yet spoke with.  Use Toby Mac’s song “SPEAK LIFE” as an inspiration!

Neighborhoods are changing; people connect less and look to the floor more. People are lost in their iPods, news streams, Twitter and Facebook. Throughout the day I see people waiting in lines and they don’t speak, smile or connect. There is no need – they can connect virtually with people around the world and never connect with their neighbor with whom they stand shoulder to shoulder.

Be the change you want to see in this world.  A smile or kind word costs nothing but could be the ray of sunshine that makes another person’s day a little better.  We all have challenges and yet when we look up and outside ourselves, opportunities are presented to be the light in a dark world. 
Choose to be the light and bring joy into the day…for it is in giving that we receive.   Coach Lucy

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