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Don’t Scratch the Itch

Leo Babauta

One thing I’ve learned from my weeklong bout with poison oak (read about it, including my update on a cure) … is a lot about itches.

I’ve become somewhat of a minor expert on itches.

I’ve learned to watch the itch and not scratch it.

Now, why the hell is that useful or even noteworthy? Because if you can learn to not scratch an itch, you can do anything.

Consider: procrastination is about scratching your itch to go do something other than hard work. Bad habits are just itches. Not doing good habits is about scratching itches. Giving up when things get hard is about scratching itches. This is what my Year of Living Without is about — resisting itches.

Most of the bad things in your life, and your inability to change them, are about itches.

So the question is, how do you avoid scratching an itch?

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