My TCOY advice: Keep resistance bands in your car, office, home and to-go bags.  Anywhere you find yourself sitting for long periods of time.  They provide a great break in the day while enhancing your flexibility and a well-being.  Coach Lucy

Leg Press using Resistance Band

Why do it?The resistance band leg press provides an opportunity to strengthen the lower body while in a hotel room or at home with minimum space and equipment. This exercise will work the arms secondarily while extending the leg with the resistance band. 
Leg Press using Resistance Band  - Position 1 Leg Press using Resistance Band  - Position 2
Do it wellSit upright on the floor, legs straight, securing the band around one foot. Holding the band at each end, start with your leg bent at 90 degrees and push the secured foot until your leg is fully extended, but not locked. Return to starting position and repeat. (Alternating legs).


Remember to consult your physician for medical clearance prior to starting any exercise program. Do not participate if you have any injuries or medical conditions that may be adversely affected. Exercise at your own pace and to no more than discomfort. Discontinue exercising should you experience any abnormal response such as muscle, joint or bone pain, chest pain or tightness, or shortness of breath and seek medical attention immediately.

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