“Culture Hacking” – Definition: the art of bringing in technology and education in smart effective ways to rapidly “recode” and advance culture, altering in the process the behaviors of everyday individuals to make them adopt smarter practices that elevate their lives. TCOY Wellness transforms lives by addressing the complete person: Head, Heart and Body.

Change begins with ACTION.  However, as I emphasis with my analog of the racquetball swing:  preparation, action and the follow-thru.

  • Many get paralyzed with OVER THINKING & GATHERING MORE INFORMATION (preparation is a necessary step, but you MUST move on to step 2.
  • Take ACTION
  • Step 3 is FOLLOW-thru…if you don’t do this step, the previous two won’t bring the results you desire.

As you can see, whether on the court or in life, these simple principles apply.  As a life coach with three decades of experience, my focus is on empowering CULTURE HACKING.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say in his book:  Excuses Begone!

Fear based mentality MUST be erased and optimism with faith can truly change lives: emotionally and physically.  Focus on what you WANT not what you don’t want.  Priorities need to be re-aligned and long term benefits will then prevail.

Your health and well-being is my business…are you ready to TCOY?!


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