One Dizzy Brunette

During my monthly stop at the pet store to pick up a bag of dry dog food, I was pleasantly surprised to find the 50 pound bag for the same price as the 35 pound bag. Score a free upgrade!
Rather than walking back to the front of the store to get a shopping cart, I chose to toss the enormous bag on my shoulder.  No problem; or so I thought.
The walk through the store to the checkout, followed by the walk to my car and finally carrying the heavy bag into my house accounted for approximately fifteen minutes of 50 pounds resting on my neck and shoulder area.
After I brought the bag into my house, I noticed I had a bit of a “swag” in my walk.  What’s that about I thought to myself?  An hour later, I was dizzy and unable to focus.  Although I have not had motion sickness or vertigo before, my ability to do anything had come to a stand still; thus, my dizzy brunette story had begun.
Fortunately, it was late so I headed to bed and was able to close my eyes without being overwhelmed with dizziness.  My hope was to wake up refreshed and renewed. 
Wrong!  I awoke on Sunday morning and my head was spinning.  My equilibrium was off making walking a challenge, which also brought on nausea.  I was in no pain and had no issues with my inner ear or sinus, things typically associated with balance. 
Next step, I checked in with the all knowing “Doctor Google”.  I typed in “vertigo” to learn more. Attempting to read anything at this point was a challenge but I ventured on to find Wikipedia’s definition. This did not provide me much comfort and, actually, elevated my anxiety.
Looking back at the turn of events I came to the conclusion my lifting and carrying the 50 pounds on my shoulder could have pinched a nerve, causing a “sublixation”.  Over the past three decades I have become a huge fan of chiropractic services because of the benefits it has brought to me, my family and my clients. 
Early Monday morning I visited my good friend, Dr. Fred Clarke at Life Chiropractic. He made some adjustments in my neck and shoulder area; restoring 90% of my balance.  Shortly after my second visit on Tuesday, the nausea and vertigo were gone.  Awesome!
Here are a few of the lessons I learned and want to share with you:

  1. Think before you lift
  2. Use the shopping cart and ask for help or limit the weight; otherwise, you risk much more than you gain
  3. If it’s not an emergency, rest and listen to your body
  4.  Medication may only mask the problem; think about the source or cause of the issue not symptom(s); drugs may only complicate the issue
  5. Resources and connections: Who do you know and trust to give you guidance and assistance if advice is needed? 
  6. The body is an amazing machine and wants to heal itself; however, what you eat, drink, think and do impacts your well-being

After these three challenging days, my empathy for people dealing with vertigo, health issues and reduced quality of life has grown.  I understand the pain and suffering associated with being unable to do simple tasks.  This experience has made me even more passionate to share my TCOY message. 
Good health is priceless.  If you have it, do everything you can to maintain it.  If it is failing, do everything you can to restore it.  Well-being is about the whole person being balanced; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  My TCOY Wellness program and coaching provides a pathway to a life well lived. 
Are you struggling with health issues, anxiety, depression or lacking joy in your life?  Life isn’t without struggles and storm; however, having someone to help and guide you during the storm makes all the difference in the world.  Mandisa’s “Overcomer” is an upbeat song that provides encouragement.
Until next month…


Coach Lucy

LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL.  Tip 101:  Learn to let go of perfectionism…a classic video of Paul Hunt on the balance beam.  

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