Tonight while at the health club I was heading to my locker and I passed a lady who had just finished getting dressed for her workout.  I noticed she had the “size tag” on her new shirt so stop, smiled and pointed to it and said “oh, just in case you didn’t see it, your shirt has the tag still on it.”    

In my eyes, this was a common courtesy.  

Well, she didn’t feel the same way. She snapped back “well I was going to look in the mirror on my way out.  What’s it really matter anyway?”   Ouch. 

Since I didn’t know her, I thought I’d continue the conversation with a funny story of a time I was unaware of my tag, thinking it might help but she refused to engage.  So I simply wished her a good workout and went on my way. 

It is what it is.  We don’t know what others are going through but we can always try to be of good cheer and a ray of sunshine in the day. 

Ironically, I came home and found this tidbit in my INBOX written by the great Zig Zigler (RIP).  Good timing.  Always take the high road…it’s a better view & you’ll inspire others to come join you.  TCOY!   Coach Lucy


The Winner’s Edge Coaching Tips

Kill Them With Kindness by Zig Ziglar

I love the story of what happened during the days of the Berlin Wall. One day some of the East Berliners decided they were going to send their West Berlin adversaries a little “gift.” They loaded a dump truck with garbage, broken bricks, stones, building material, and anything else with zero value. They drove the truck across the border, gained clearance, and dumped it on the West Berlin side.

Needless to say, the West Berliners were incensed and were going to “get even” with them. Fortunately, a very wise man intervened and gave entirely different counsel. As a result, they responded and loaded a dump truck with food (which was scarce in East Berlin), clothing (also scarce), medical supplies (even scarcer), a host of other essential items. They took the truck across the border, carefully unloaded it all, and left a neat sign that read, “Each gives according to his ability to give.”

Message: Kill ’em with kindness. Don’t return evil in like kind. Be more magnanimous than that.


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