How often do people use age as an out?  “Oh, I can’t do that because of my age” or something to that effect.  WRONG!  Excuses Be Gone…(by the way, that’s a great book by Dr. Wayne Dyer).

Personally, I think people age quickly in life when the lose hope, give up their dreams, stop laughing and lose their sense of awe and wonder at this amazing world we live in.

If you know me, you know I am passionate about LIFE.  Racquetball has been one of my many blessing as it not only has provided me a career, awesome friends but also a lifetime sport to play.  I’ve taught all ages from FOUR to EIGHTY-ONE.   Seriously!  Is this a great sport or what?  You can be as social or competitive as you want it to be.  The hour(s) will fly by.

Come back out to the courts if you haven’t played in years or if your new to the sport.  Racquetball players are friendly bunch.  What better way to de-stress than hitting a ball in a closed in court?   Contact me if you’d like more information.

Happiness is … playing racquetball with you friends and getting a great workout in the process.

Photo:  Larry has been a client since 2005 and is 81 years young.  He plays/trains 1-2x a week with me for an hour and contributes staying active with his good health and vitality.   Racquetball is physically and mentally stimulating as you have numerous split second decisions to make during the games.  Use it or lose it…I recommend staying active and reaping the benefits of the Golden Years!  TCOY…Coach Lucy

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