Certain occasions tend to make us think a bit deeper than others.

Last week a friend and racquetball client of mine walked off the racquetball court after playing, complained of tightness in his chest, fell to the floor and his life was over. He was in good shape physically and only 49 years old! Upon hearing the news, I was devastated.  A definite reminder of how fragile life is.

I believe we are more in touch with our purpose and life at a funeral because it truly puts in perspective who and what are truly important to us. Tim McGraw’s song “Live Like You Were Dying” is an emotionally powered reflection of what was and what could be. There are plenty of things pulling to get our time, money and attention, but are they worth pursuing?

Embracing the moments and relationships put LIFE in life. The journey is the prize folks. When was the last time you struck up a conversation with a stranger, whether it be when shopping, walking or anywhere? Here’s a TCOY Challenge for you, although I do this every day, let’s start you out with at least ONCE THIS WEEK, smile and greet someone you don’t know with: “How are you today?” and then WAIT for their answer. Add “What’s making it (good/bad)?” You may be the only smile or encouragement that person will get and that moment can have a huge impact.

Another song which has touched my heart recently is Sidewalk Prophets “Live Like That”. Times are changing but everyone want to be loved and respected. Change your thinking, Change your life….it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race but focusing on what truly matters, being grateful and giving back are keys to a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Go take a BITE out of life and remember it’s better to say “Oh Well” rather than “I wish I would have”. Seize the day!

TCOY = Take Care of You

Coach Lucy


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