TCOY’S  2012 MAY e-newsletter

“My First Flat Tire”

What are the odds?  I have never experience a flat tire until last month.  Most people were surprised when I made that statement. How about you?  Have you had a flat tire?

I feel blessed because the day was sunny and I was less than a block from my home. The timing created a challenge and I needed to come up with a plan really fast. I was on my way to a speaking engagement for SPRINT and did not want to cancel.  Fortunately, I had allowed plenty of extra time and a dear friend come to my rescue and drove me to the event and stayed to videotape my presentation.

I was able to drive my car back home after I returned from the event and my good fortune continued when a neighbor removed the tire so I could take it for repair. It gets better, because the tire was under warranty it was repaired at no cost.  I was back on the road with only a minor inconvenience and a story for my e-newsletter.

How often do you give yourself extra time to get to work or an event?  Are you cutting your time to the minute on a regular basis?  Doing this increases your stress and anxiety levels and negatively impacts your health.  I’d like to suggest creating a new habit of giving yourself just 5-10 extra minutes; thereby reducing your stress and possibly saving you from a speeding ticket or worse, an accident.

Whether it’s your car or your health, are you doing the maintenance and checking to see if things are in good shape or in need of some adjustment?  Sadly, I see many people taking better care of their replaceable items, like vehicles or homes, than they do their bodies, which get neglected and abused.

Occasionally you see people driving a car with the spare or “donut” wheel.  It’s evident they  not making an emergency drive to have a tire repaired but using it as a regular tire.  Pretty scary since the spare tire is only designed for short distances.

When I see someone driving around on the “spare tire” I think of how many people are doing the same thing with their health by taking a medication to cover up the symptom, to keep going temporarily, while the cause of the problem is never addressed.  Are you waiting for a “blowout” or “crisis” before you take action? Symptoms are your body’s way of saying, “HELP ME, something is wrong”.  News alert: We’re not drug deficient, but rather nutritionally deficient and we need to be more physically active.

Finally, having backup and support is crucial when dealing with life’s challenges.  Knowing you have people you can trust to guide and help you in your time of need is priceless.   Although I may not know much about tires and cars, I know a lot about health and wellness.  From prevention to crisis, athletic endurance and recovery, from babies to the elderly, YOUR HEALTH is MY BUSINESS.

Would you like to experience vitality and good health?  It’s not by chance or luck, it’s the TCOY (take care of you) Philosophy and I am here to mentor and coach you.  A tire is an easy fix but, ignore your health and it not only costs you your quality of life, it could cost you your life.

If you don’t take care of your body where will you live?          Until next month… TCOY!

Coach Lucy


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