Pet Therapy

One of my TCOY Wellness classes is “Pet Therapy”.  Animals are truly a blessing and I believe are the best therapists.  Whether it be from your childhood or in the present, there is probably a memory etched in your mind and on your heart of a special pet.   Take a moment and think about them.  Those emotions are awesome aren’t they!

So many great movies with animals too:  My Dog Skip, Marley & Me, Free Willy, Secretariat The Bird Man of Alcatraz and how about The Incredible Journey (Homeward Bound)…gulp…there’s something in my eye, I can’t stop the tears.

The Incredible Journey

The Ultimate Dog Tease (LOL)

Dogs Rescue Veterans

I believe a house becomes a home when a pet is part of it…children learn so many life skills…and everyone needs and desires the love they provide us in this busy, busy world.  We may rescue the dog, cat, etc…but they actually are rescuing us.  TCOY!

My TCOY Challenge for you is to spend more time with the animals.  They teach us so much…live in the moment and love.


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