Welcome 2012!


For many this will be a month for resolutions and new beginnings.

I would like to remind everyone, any day can be a new beginning. When the pain of not changing is greater than pain of changing, guess what…change occurs.

At the end of the day, I prefer to say, “Oh well” rather “what if”. You can’t rewind life. Regrets are not things to gather or hold on to. Each day holds so much potential.

FEAR is the opposite of JOY. Is your gut reaction positive or negative to the words “what if”?

Does “what if something bad happens” keep you from doing? Do you choose to use it as an excuse to stay in your comfort zone and not try?

Step beyond that way of thinking and imagine a positive outcome. “What if” this is an opportunity, a chance to grow and improve?

It is so easy to cocoon ourselves and let our internal voice of doubt hold us back. Memories of past, negative experiences can be stepping stones if the lesson was learned or sandbags holding you back if not. Perhaps it’s time to cut the cord from those toxic sandbag burdens.

A wellness resolution I would wish for others to embrace is to do heart surgery from the inside out. Let go of what is weighing your heart down. Worrying is actually negative goal setting, contributing to stress, which is one of the main factors in health complications.

K-Love radio referenced letting go of thoughts and emotions by writing them down and shredding them. They called it: “PEACE OUT 2011”. When you are down, look up. Philippians 4:6

The next step is to begin to embrace how wonderful things can be and boldly take action.

One of the things I love about children is they live in the moment, not the past. The excitement and anticipation in their eyes and attitude is simply delightful.

How many times does a toddler fall down; yet, will repeatedly get up and try again. We cheer them on and encourage the effort to get back up and keep trying. Couldn’t we all use a cheering section like that in our daily lives!

We are more alike in our weaknesses than we will ever be in our strengths. I speak from the heart and experience hoping you too will embrace “what if” with optimism.

Enjoy this awesome song and video — A PERSONAL FAVORITE OF MINE!!!

by Nickelback.

Remember: No Regrets!

TCOY…for the health of it.


Photo by Diana Foster @ “Studio 56”

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  1. beautifully stated. Always love coming by for some inspiration!

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