The Best Gift I Ever Got…

If someone asked you what was the greatest gift you ever received,

what would you answer?

I believe the answer will vary based on different times in your life.

Something you received when you were child or teen may no longer

seem as significant as something you received as an adult. However,

the sentimental value along with a great anticipation could very well

make a childhood gift your most memorable.

Let me ask one more question:

What is the best gift you have ever given yourself?

As in the previous question, a gift that becomes the BEST, probably

did so because there was a lot of heart and thought put into its selection. Agree?

At the close I will give you my answers to these two questions but in the mean

time I hope you will take a few minutes to ponder them and perhaps take my

TCOY Challenge: during the holidays, ask these two questions to family and friends.

What a great ice breaker at a party too!

A holiday tradition in my home is to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” and shed a few

tears even having watched it dozens of times.  This is a timeless, sentimental, black

and white classic and it is understandable that you would cry as you watch some of

the more touching scenes.

About thirty minutes into the movie my daughter says, “I don’t get why they call this

“It’s A Wonderful Life” (granted the beginning portrays a lot of struggles, but that’s

life – right?).  This opened a great conversation and I shared how the movie may

be old but the valuable lesson in the story line will remain in your heart

forever once you embrace it.

Another holiday movie tradition at my house is “The Ultimate Gift”.  I believe it is a

modern-day story, which closely resembles the message of what is important in life.

This holiday season, my hope is we, as a society, can learn during these economically

challenged times to slow down, get off the  merry-go-round and focus on what really

matters over time.  It won’t be the gifts people are rushing to the malls to buy.

As for children, think of the expectations you are setting them up for in future years.

Choose to spend  time with those you love and making memories which will be cherished.

Aim to simplify, consider three gifts,  a want, a need and a read.  Every year I have

given my daughter a special book,  which have become keepsakes. I would

encourage you to do the same.  I’m happy to share my book list with any of you who

contact me about it to help you get some ideas.

So, what gift are you most thankful for? What is the best gift you’ve given yourself?

The greatest gift I’ve received is the grace of Jesus.  The best gift I have given

myself is my health.  Two gifts I wish for everyone!

Merry Christmas my friends!

John 3:16

Did you know…

Charles Schulz refused to cut the LINUS  SPEECH in Charlie Brown Christmas story.

*After volunteering for a Toys for Tots drive this month, I headed over to the

Racquetball Club looking for a challenger!  Not my typical attire, lol…nice boots, eh!

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