Time flies…2003


Why is it when we look back, time tends to have flown by but looking forward it seems so far off?

I was clearing out my computer files and came across this photo from 2003. My daughter and her two friends were “Out of Sync” for Halloween that year. You remember the group “N SYNC” right? This was my creative way of just buying a t-shirt and making the costume. Now, here it is 2011 and in just six more months she’ll be a High School graduate…then off to college. BLINK!

How easy it is to be going through our day-to-day living not realizing the significance of our daily lifestyle. Thinking to ourselves “ah, it doesn’t matter what I eat and drink, if I stop exercising or hold on to stress, anger or negative self-talk.” Guess what…it matters and it will impact your health sooner or later. We live in a society where a crisis motivates change. Stop! You don’t need to be sick to get better.

As I’m closing out on my 40’s, I’m reaping the benefits of taking care of myself physical and emotionally. What’s been my motivation? I love feeling good and being active. I want to be able to do things with my daughter, family and friends for a long time. It’s about Quality of Life!

Being healthy also has a huge financial blessing too. Did you know the #1 reason for bankruptcy in the US is now related to a health issue? Granted health care is a mess and costs are skyrocketing. The pharmaceutical companies are acting like they’re hero’s with all the answers in a pill. Folks, they’ve done a huge part to create this perfect storm. Realize this: Health insurance does NOT give you good health; it merely helps to pay for a portion of your sick care. If you think you can’t afford wellness…how will you ever afford your sickness?

Take Care of You is something you do for yourself but also for your loved ones. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone because of my poor lifestyle choices, especially to those I love. Besides, do you really want to be a prisoner in your own body? Visit any adult care center and I would be willing to bet that the people living their lives in there today will tell you: Take better care of yourself!

There is no special day to start. TODAY is the best day. You can’t change overnight, but you can change your direction! Seize the day my friend. Wellness is a gift you give yourself…EMBRACE IT.

Create a “DREAM BOARD” of what you want for your future and post it where you can see it daily. Be good to yourself. If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

TCOY …more than a motto, it’s a philosophy and way of life!


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