Change occurs typically from INSPIRATION or DESPERATION…or a combination of the two.

A person must have an internal burning of passion to achieve something because challenges are inevitable. The fire that passion ignites is what keeps you going when things around seem to be closing in and doubt sets in.

I’ve been there. Haven’t you?

It’s not a question of if you’ll fall, the question is will you get back up…every time you fall. Many will ask: How long do I have to endure this? How ever long it takes! Failure isn’t an option. Your attitude determines everything and only you can determine your attitude.

“Believe in yourself…and let God be at the center of you.” Lucy DelSarto

We have but one life to live and since you are impacting lives as you pass through this lifetime, why not choose to be as positive as possible? Sometimes when we witness another’s unfortunate situation, we find our PASSION. The passion was always within us but it’s now ignited.

Love conquers all! Do you doubt that?

Imagine a mother who see’s her child run after a ball that’s rolling into the street as a car is fast approaching. I’ve no doubt that mother would risk everything for that childs safety even at the risk of her own. Love conquers fear.

As a new year is fast approaching, this becomes a time many feel it’s time for a change. Which is great…however, what’s the real motivation? If it’s not internal and full of passion, odds are any goals will fail because the focus was not where it needed to be.

For example: it’s NOT about LOSING WEIGHT…the focus needs to be about getting healthier and being overweight is a symptom of an unhealthy life. Let the goal be to improve your health, this will give you numerous benefits. The cost of being unhealthy is emotionally, physically and financially draining!

You are determining your health by your lifestyle. Less than 9% of health issues are genetic. Take Care of You for you and those you love. It’s the greatest gift you can give them…more quality time with you.

There are no shortcuts and you can’t change the past but you can change your direction NOW and make a brand new ending. Are you ready? Here’s a great inspirational story to empower you. If you’re ready, let’s do wellness together, your health is my business!


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  1. Lucy great post I can dig it.. Keep it u! Corey Jackson

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