We may think we can just “tune it out” but our body is not easily fooled. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go around with “mute” button in life?

I choose to wake up to music…much more pleasant than an ALARM CLOCK blaring at me. What a negative way to start you day. No thank you. Two other sound I love are wind chimes and the sound of the ocean (with the rhythmic pattern, it is similar to the human heartbeat when sleeping). Another calming or reassuring sound is birds chirping. The reason, birds sing when things are peaceful (great point…you don’t hear them when there it tragedy or storms).

How about you? Do you have “white noise” going at all times (TV, fan, radio, etc) or do you prefer the quiet if seeking some down time?

The productivity in the workforce is greatly impacted by noise; if you’d like to learn more, listen to the short presentation on TED.com with Julian Treasure.

Julian enlightens on how noise can decrease our health: Physiological * Psychologically * Cognitively * Behaviorally. Take a few moments and watch the video…for the health of it!

The strongest sound/noise for a connection is music…just one second can trigger emotions & memory. What type of music do you listen to? Years ago I started listening to KLOVE in my car and now on-line at home. If you’re finding yourself stressed out while driving; yet listening to talk radio or ramped up type music, let me throw out a challenge. Check out the KLOVE website for a station in your area and try listening to it for at least a week (a month is better). See if you notice a difference too. It’s commercial free and it’s positively encouraging.




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