LIFE is simple…we complicate it.

I’m a believer in simple things…simple things and simple moments. When we attach an emotion to a moment, that memory is etched forever in our heart and mind. So choose to focus on the GOOD stuff not the bad and reach out every day to practice random acts of kindness.

How? It’s the simple things…

*Smile at others…I bet you’ll get many smiles in return!

*Acknowledge others…use their name, pay a compliment and ask how they are doing.

*Slow down…road rage happens when stress levels are maxed out, allow for some spare time (better to arrive late than not at all!)

*Quiet time – Shut off the technology…it’s not healthy to be connected 24/7; we are human “beings” …allow time to just “BE”.

*Face-to-Face time with a friend or family member…find out what’s going on in their personal life. Take the time to have a conversation.

*Breathe…be aware of your breathing! Take 5…inhale and exhaling five seconds each. Experience the decreases emotional stress.

*Live in the present moment…the past is done and the future is unknown, but the present moment is here and now. Enjoy it.

*Pray and or meditate…true peace comes from within. Be Strong and Be Courageous. Be not afraid or discouraged. Joshua 1:9.

Here is a recent BLOG post I stumbled upon. Have a wonderful day and remember, your attitude determines your altitude! TCOY…


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