Stressing over a problem?


1) First identify the problem you are worrying about and write down then brainstorm a couple options to solve it.

2) Reach out to a person who you respect and see if they have some insight or advice to share.

3) Step back from it and breathe. Realizing this too will pass and I always will take the time to pray about the situation.

When we’re really worried about an issue, it’s easy to spend time over-thinking it. With too much thinking and too little action, people become stressed about a problem. Taking the action to brainstorm solutions and select one to potentially put into action lessens some of the stress created by the problem. In this fast pace and loud world, look to find peace and calm…when this happens, it’s the right pathway. The results may not reveal themselves immediately, but the “peaceful feeling” is without a doubt an answer to your prayer. Follow it.

Stress is inevitable…the key is to identify what triggers it and learn how to deal with it in healthy manner. My TCOY Wellness coaching addresses “Total Wellness: Head, Heart and Body”. Are you letting stress control you? When stress runs your life, disease will occur.

If you feel like you’re fighting an endless battle, enjoy this video:

Ducks get blown by the wind…get back up again!

TCOY = Take Care of You

~Your Health Is My Business~


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