Things don’t change…you change your way of looking at things, that’s all.


TCOY CHALLENGE ~ Step outside your comfort zone & routine. See how it impacts you and others.

  • Go bless someone’s world today and/or show them GRACE … whether they deserve it or not (like He did for you and me).
  • Have a chat or a cup of coffee, tea, water with someone …before you need or want them for something.
  • SMILE as you walk by folks or while driving. See if you can get them to smile back…be sincere and they will!
  • Instead of the usual “doing fine” reply, engage and try to discover how they really are doing…that moment could mean a lot to that person. Also, change your thinking by creating a positive reply, perhaps something like:  “Awesome…I am blessed.  How are you?”
  • Be THANKFUL you aren’t outside working in this dreadful summer heat;
  • Be THANKFUL if you have a job;
  • Be THANKFUL if you have a home;
  • Be THANKFUL if you have food to eat…

If you are able to help others in some way, do it. All shall be blessed.



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