Do you remember the old TV show Columbo with Peter Falk? He was the corky detective who smoked a cigar and one eye that he could move independently. I loved that show and his character. He was very clever, detail oriented and would catch the criminal in their web of lies and deception. Today, we have a web of lies and deception when it comes to health and wellness. The western philosophy focuses on “preventing death” whereas the eastern philosophy focuses on “enhancing life”. Which are you focusing on? Your present day lifestyle speaks volumes…is it time to recalculate “for the health of it”?

Sadly, Peter Falk passed away due to complications with Alzheimer’s. I came across an article which shed some interesting light on how a trip to the dentist could have accelerated the disease.

As a quick overview, I am once again emphasizing “if you think wellness is expensive, how are you ever going to afford sickness?” Granted, it would be wonderful if our air, food and water supplies weren’t contaminated with toxins and they were full of nutritional value; however, times have changed. Now we need to be mindful of what we put in and on our body . Convenience has a price and it’s cost us our health. Also, I am a strong advocate for:

1) get moving…there body was designed and requires movement…exercise via walking or whatever. Just do it!

2) quality water – I highly recommend Kangen Enagic water ionized water, I’ve learned not all water is equal ~ Demo.

3) quality supplementation (don’t assume your getting what you need nutritionally from your diet) I recommend Mannatech products)

Wellness is actually easy to do…but it’s easy not to do too. It may seem insignificant and much of it can be done free; however, it needs to be done consistently and mindfully. CHOICES we make every day will turn into habits and those habits can be good or bad. Choose the path of prevention and being pro-active with your health. The benefits are today and long-term Quality of Life.

My TCOY Wellness Coaching address TOTAL WELLNESS: Head, Heart and Body. Three quick examples:

Stretching…every morning (make it a routine!)

Gratitude…every day, be thankful for what you HAVE, (too many focus on what they don’t have)

Laughter…every day, find joy in life and laugh more (bumper sticker that says it all: wag more, bark less)

Let’s do wellness together! Whether it be one-on-one or if your company would like to participate in either my 12 or 24 week wellness coaching program (1/2 hour every week that changes lives)…the only way to reverse the health care crisis is to RECALCULATE and start Taking Care of YOU!

~Your Health Is My Business~

Though no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.


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