Zoey …Saves a Life!

Today, I received a call from my good friend Dr. Cindy Taylor, DVM and Owner of Quivira Crossing Veterinary Animal Clinic in Overland Park, KS. A client brought their dog in which required surgery to remove a very large tumor. Dr. Cindy needed some healthy blood in case a blood transfusion would be needed. My Zoey girl was the perfect candidate with her healthy and bouncy self. We drove over and donated.

Due to an extremely low blood count, the dog was given the blood transfusion. Immediately after receiving the blood, the dog was up walking and eating! How cool is that…Zoey helped save a life!

Pictures of the day:

Picture #1 A happy & healthy Zoey coming into the clinic to help another dog.

Picture #2 is proud mom with Zoey after donating blood.

Picture #3 is the awesome and compassionate Dr. Cindy Taylor with Zoey.

Picture #4 is during the ride home (a bit sedated) Zoey finds comfort from the cool A/C and a comfy place to rest her head.

Recently, I had my driver’s license updated and again once again chose to be an organ donor. What better gift can we give back to this world than the gift of life or at the very least, improved quality of life? On a daily basis, we may not think of others who are in need and how we could truly impact another’s life.

One of the easiest things to neglect and take fore granted is good health, even though it’s our biggest asset. Ask anyone who’s fighting for their life or dealing with chronic pain or health issues and they will tell your firsthand what a blessing it would be to have good health again.

When people ask me for my recommendations for a wellness program and/or supplements, many will comment: I can’t afford it. To which I can empathize (it is frustrating that we have to supplement and purchase items to combat the toxins in our air, food and water) but the fact is…prevention and a pro-active approach is pennies on the dollar in the long run. Pay now or pay later. Even more important, what’s your quality of life worth…today and in the future? The way to improve and enhance your well-being is to Take Care of YOU!

Don’t assume you’re healthy! Do everything you can to stack the odds in your favor. Contact me and let’s do wellness together. With three decades of coaching, I’m someone who walks the walk daily.

I want you to know: You health IS my business! Be Well ….TCOY!


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