8 hair care treatments

I came across the above link and have to say, it got my attention. The more you start reading the ingredients lists, the more aware you will be of all the toxins in our world. We all love convenience; yet, there is a price to pay and it’s not just the purchase price. Sadly, the BIGGEST expense shows up years later in compromised health.

Many believe the reason we have more cancer cases today is due to the improved technology in detect cancer or because people are living longer. My opinion, we have NOT changed genetically but there are three things that have dramatically changed in the last fifty years:

1) our food supply definitely has changed

2) we are exposed to more toxins everyday

3) lack of activity and a more sedentary lifestyle

Just some food for thought…it starts by being aware of the ingredients and simplify whenever possible. Summertime offers a perfect opportunity to add fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Visit your local Farmer’s Market!



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