Before you even consider a measles shot for your child.

There are at least six times more measles vaccine adverse reactions than measles cases.

The following is abridged from The Refusers ( ):

The "great measles epidemic" in Washington State (3 cases, no deaths) has the CDC – the Center for Disinformation Control, we mean Centers for Disease Control – releasing another fear campaign: ‘The US has had 118 measles cases so far this year, the most for this date since 1996.."

However none had encephalitis and none died.

Compare that to the reactions to getting the measles shot. There have been 698 FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports related to measles vaccines in 2011 – including 4 deaths and 280 emergency room visits. Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association that "only about 1% of serious adverse events are reported to the FDA." (14)

So, 698 adverse reactions to measles vaccines in 2011 may be just the tip of the iceberg (i.e. 69,800 vaccine reactions and 400 deaths from the shot). The problem is that MDs rarely report vaccine reactions or deaths.

Want to know more? The VAERS numbers and cases can be found at . Among the reactions to the measles shots are severe neurological events such as encephalitis, meningitis and seizures shortly after vaccination. This is exactly the catastrophe that parents of autistic kids observe before their children descend into autism.


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