Why should you drink water?

The Human bodyWhy Should You Drink Water?

Did you know that approximately 70% of the human body is comprised of water? It should be obvious then that the quality of water you drink is extremely important. For your body to be at optimal health, you should drink only the purest and cleanest water possible.

Take a look at these startling facts and statistics:

· 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

· 37% of North Americans have suppressed their thirst mechanism and

· misinterpret it for hunger.

· Even mild dehydration can slow down the metabolic rate by as much as 3%.

· A University of Washington study found that nearly all participating dieters were able to deter their midnight hunger cravings

· by drinking one glass of water.

· The Number 1 trigger of daytime fatigue is lack of water.

· A mere 2% drop in body water can negatively affect short-term memory and the ability to concentrate.

Just like all vehicles are not alike…

(big difference between a Porsche and a GM Pacer)

All waters are not alike. I’d like to share why.

Different types of waters: tap, well water, bottle, reverse osmosis, and Kangen Water®. I have done my research and owned other units, my hands down endorsement goes to the Kangen SD510 kitchen unit.

To get a free e-book to learn more, e-mail me @ lucy@tcoywellness.com.

I was impressed with the 8.5 – 9.5 PH drinking water alone, but today after using the 11.5 for cleaning my stove and oven in addition to a 2-week old dog stain on my carpet, I’m anxious to share this with my clients and friends.

Kangen Water - Change your water, change your life!

Drink The Best – Kangen Water®!

It is clear that staying adequately hydrated is paramount for a healthy body. But how do you know where to find the highest quality water? Here are some truths about the most common sources of water:

· City water – It can be full of chlorine and other unhealthy chemicals.

· Well water – It can sometimes be filled with contaminants.

· Bottled water – It’s often the same quality as tap water and is harmful for the environment in both production and disposal.

Kangen Water® offers a healthy alternative. When your body is at optimal health, acid and toxins that are a result of our cultural lifestyle can easily be filtered out. Kangen Water® can provide the assistance needed to return your body to a better pH balance.

Kangen Water® is clean, great tasting and a natural antioxidant! Enjoy Kangen Water® water every day, and discover the life-changing benefits of smart and super-hydration.

With its super-hydration, great taste, and other healthy benefits, Kangen Water® is the better choice for a healthy body! What could be more important? After all, your body is primarily water.

Get your Kangen Water® System TODAY!

The Kangen Water® System is compact and easy to install. It will conveniently transform your tap water into healthy, alkaline water.

Kangen Water® - Change your water, change your life!



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