What are you really worth?

What Are You Really Worth?

Do you ever feel like your income falls short of your abilities and contributions? Teachers are treasured resources who are greatly underpaid. Military personal and police officers serve and protect us and are also greatly underpaid.

These are positions that make huge differences in lives and provide a life of substance over “financial” success. For me, the emotional and spiritual blessings of my career are what contribute to my passion and desire to wake up and share every day. I believe that is priceless. So to those with the servants heart…Thanks You!

Take the survey and see what you are really worth.

(This article if from a free subscription with: http://www.attitudemedia.com/subscription.php)

A big part of living sanely is understanding that your value as a person is not determined by your income. In any given society, the amount of money one makes depends on a wide variety of things, some within your control and many not.

A great baseball player may make far more money than a great philosopher, and that simply reflects society’s values at any given time. Lawsuits and politics may shift money from some groups to others, without creating any real value. And of course everyone begins life in a different place; a child born in a ghetto is typically going to make much less money than a child born into affluence.

But how much money would you make if the world was fair? If people were paid for creating real value? If everyone started from the same place? If no one cheated? In other words, what would your income be in a sane world?

We’ve spent years creating an answer to that question.

Spend a little time on this site and we’ll tell you What You’re Really Worth, and how you compare to others: http://bit.ly/gVCIWR



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