A book worth sharing…

Life is good and seeing two of your friend’s careers excel is exciting. This month, HER LIFE magazine article features Mary Lucas, author of Lunchmeat and Life Lessons written by Ann Butenas.

The book is excellent and I’d suggest buying one for yourself and get another copy to give as a thank you for special someone who’s mentored and been your go to person during life’s struggles.

Mary and I share a similar background of being from a big family, wonderful parents and lots of stories. The life lessons she shares in her book about her conversations with her father are touching and memorable. You’ll be sharing them with others. If you are looking for a speaker who will create a buzz of inspiration, book Mary for your event. You can thank me later because I know she’ll be captivating and the audience will love her spunky personality.

Ann is doing free-lance writing and it’s nice to see her work in print. A few years back I was Ann’s first guest when she launched her radio show here in Kansas City. She has informed me she’ll have her own book out soon.

In life there are those who see things happen, those who wonder what happened and those who make things happen. These two dynamic and talented ladies make things happen. I’m blessed to have them as friends and wish them all the best. Living the dream!

At some point your life will flash before you. Make sure it’s a life worth watching. TCOY…Lucy


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